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Jul 23, 2008 08:18 AM

Cape Cod: fresh, local and kick a**?

OK chowhounders: two nights to eat on Cape Cod. Where would you tell a NYC chef to go for fresh, local, seasonal seafood well-prepared price not an factor?

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  1. Cape Cod is a very large area with a lot of traffic so you should mention where you will be staying so people can steer you towards somewhere reasonably convenient. I suggest re-posting on the New England site. That said, if you are near Orleans, people have raved about Abba for the chef-owner's inventiveness. In Mashpee, The Raw Bar gets raves for it's lobster roll. I hope this helps.

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      Raw Bar also has new location at the Ocean Street Docks in Hyannis so no need to drive all the way to Pomponesett (Mashpee)

    2. Not necessarily just a seafood restaurant, but I am a huge fan of Abbicci in Yarmouth Port.

      I had the Day Boat Cod the last time I was there and it was fantastic. I also really like their Tapas menu which allows you to sample a bunch of their dishes.

      1. 28 Atlantic at the Wequassett Inn in Harwichport may be the best 'fancy' restaurant on the Cape. Great setting and terrific food. The Brewster Fish House on 6A is a tiny gem with fabulous local seafood simply yet expertly prepared. Abba as mentioned is a fine choice. Abbicci can be a little hit or miss but mostly hits. Want down and dirty uniquely Cape Cod? Load up on local steamers. littlenecks, and oysters at the raw bar at The Beachcomber in Welfleet. Wear your bathing suit. Drink lots of frozen drinks. Slurp shellfish. Dance to the reggae...Nirvana.

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          I will second CCG's suggestions. If you are really interested in the best local seafood expertly prepared, Brewster Fish House has consistently delivered the goods. It is small, maybe 25 seats, and does not take reservations, so people who cannot deal with those constraints and the long wait for times after 6:00pm tend to get aggravated at it. But I have yet to find more consistently excellent local simple seafood preparations on the Cape.

          For the fresh oyster experience, Bookstore Restaurant or Mac's Seafood shack in Wellfleet are tops.

          I have not yet been to Victor's in Provincetown, but have heard good things. The Mews and Front Street are also good Provincetown options, but less sublime than Brewster Fish House.