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Jul 23, 2008 07:49 AM

Where can I buy some musto?

Looking for musto.Anyone know where I might buy iy?

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  1. Do you mean mosto i.e. grape must?

    If so I would suggest a winemaking supplier:

    1. As Austin Powers, perhaps? oh, that was mojo.

      1. If indeed you mean grape must, that is unfiltered, pressed grape juice, I can't help right now.
        But, come fall (sometime in September), there's plenty of places that spring up: Italian "Uva de vino" or 'wine grape' stands. They sell various types of wine grapes (alicante, zinfandel, muscato, etc). Some will press the grapes for you, putting the must into 5 gallon pails. Others will pre-press the grapes of their choice and you can simply buy them in the 5 gallon pails.
        I'm pretty sure they pop up at the Jean Talon market.
        Also in Lasalle.
        I'm confident you can find them in any neighborhood with a large Italian population.