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best place for pancakes?

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any suggestions on a place for pancakes?

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    1. re: chocokitty

      I agree with Clinton St. Bakery. Their pancakes are one of, if not THE, best in town.

      1. re: RCC

        Ditto. Because a) they make their own maple butter in house and b) they beat the egg whites separately and then fold them in at the very last second so the pancakes are super fluffy.

        1. re: chocokitty

          ditto! i don't even like pancakes that much and found their blueberry pancakes w/maple butter to die for - YUM!

          1. Upstairs at Fairway 74th/Broadway....the best

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            1. re: harrison

              Are we talking the same Clinton St here? I've been several times and their pancakes are thick,dry, and cakey. I am not a fan. But many are so what do I know.

              1. re: Gossomer

                me too! thick, dry, caked, and i'll add lumpy. i could barely eat mine actually. the butter couldn't save them.

            2. I haven't had the ones at Clinton St, but used to love the pancakes at E.J's Luncheonette on 6th Ave. I know there is still an E.J's uptown but have not been

              1. I agree that Clinton St has great pancakes, but I also love the pancakes at Blue Fin.

                1. Hi everyone. Thanks for the recommendations. I just tried clinton st today & they were fabulous. I'm going to try out the other places mentioned too.

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                  1. re: Jem57

                    I agree...the pancakes at Clinton St are fantastic. I've been to Fairway Cafe and Good Enough to Eat for pancakes in the past month and found them to be just okay.

                    I've searched the archives for other pancake recommendations and virtually all threads contain just these three spots. Well, Shopsins too...which were really good, but expensive!

                    So c'mon. This is a BIG city. Surely there must be some outstanding pancake spots beyond the four previously mentioned.


                    1. re: TipsyMcStagger

                      I haven't tried them personally, but a friend of mine swears that the pancakes at Prune are far superior, and he's been to Clinton St. dozens of times. Can anyone confirm/refute this (seemingly heretical) opinion?

                      1. re: ORP

                        You can't compare the two. Prune's version is a single big, oven-baked dutch pancake. Clinton Street makes theirs on a griddle and you get three, more like a regular stack of flapjacks.

                  2. It's all about the maple butter. That stuff is so amazing and really makes the dish complete. Without it the pancakes would be really good but not extra special. Its that maple butter baby trust me.

                    1. Went to Blue Fin this morning and had white peach pancakes served with lemon marscapone, black berrys and warmed maple syrup.... very good!

                      1. Stanton Social has unbelievable silver dollars. And Cookshop's pancakes are divine.