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Jul 23, 2008 07:46 AM

Upscale Saturday Lunch - uptown

It's my father's birthday and we were thinking about doing Saturday lunch at Auberge du Pommier, and found out that they don't do lunches on weekends. Bummer.

Is there a restaurant in North York, Thornhill, Richmond Hill similar to Auberge in terms of quality? I heard about Terra and Tutto Bene but never tried either, so wouldn't know if they could compete against Auberge.

Any rec would help. Thanks a ton in advance!

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  1. Maybe you can try The Prince Hotel on York Mills near Don Mills...I've had good Japanese there...Miranda

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    1. re: miranda

      thanks for the suggestion Miranda, but we were there last year for some occasion. we wanted to try something else this time. not to say we didn't enjoy katsura. thanks once again.

    2. Terra is worth the trip if you haven't been. I think there open for lunch although I've only ever been for dinner.

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        just found terra doesn't do lunches on sat or sunday... i look on the web and it said it does on sundays but when i called, they said the information on the website has not been updated.. boo...

      2. Perhaps you could see if one of the higher-end golf/country clubs is open to the public for daytime dining...

        There are a lot of fancy Asian restaurants in the burbs. I don't know if you'll find anything as sophisticated as Auberge up there... I've been to Cynthia's (Asian), and can't remember how nice it was, but it was definitely much more upscale than Chinatown. I'd consider looking for Asian recos. I know there's an Italian place on Hwy 7, north side, east of Bayview that is good... Can't remember the name, but at least it's not a chain. Will keep thinking...

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          Moimoi, thanks for the info.

          We live very close to Cynthia's and have tried enough times, so we decided to do something we don't do quite often. About the Italian place, if you can remember what the name is, that would help.

          Otherwise, I am actually running out of options as most decent restaurants do not serve Sat lunches so I may need to make my life easier by moving it to Saturday dinner which involves tweaking of several people's schedules... but it's gotta be done if it has to come to that.

          I wonder if daddy loves me as much as I think he should :) JK

          1. re: exquisite

            What about the Octagon? I've only been to Spezzo's entrance... not my style (I'm definitely more of an Asian Legend type, which incidentally I love in the burbs, but it seems like you want something much more upscale). There's also Marlowe - similar to Spezzo. Rosa's Place on Finch... haven't been there, but want to go. I'm sure the decor is somewhat cheezy, but the food is supposed to be good. I'd check CH for all of these spots, as I can't vouch for them. I'm stumped on the Italian place. It might have changed hands.

            I used to go to Ferrovia in Thornhill on Bayview. Small place, quite sophisticated... excellent food, reasonable prices, but not super fancy.

            What about The Miller at Yonge/York Mills? Very nice spot... quite elegant.

            1. re: Moimoi

              Last time I dined at Ferrovia about a couple of months ago, food was badly executed and uninteresting. Apart from the lamb shank and a few pasta dishes, nothing on the menu is worth raving about. May be the opening of a second place in Markam diluted their kitchen talents?!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                I don't go up that way anymore, as I was dating someone in the burbs, but that's over. Either way, I'm disappointed to hear the quality has gone downhill. It was for me, a grown-up urban resto in the burbs and always consistent...