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Jul 23, 2008 07:14 AM

New - Giant Hamburgers / Mesa at Broadway and Lindsay

Has anyone tried this place? A coworker tells me it is better than Culver's Butter Burgers and I do love a Butter Burger!!

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  1. Is this place related to Nation's Giant hamburgers in Northern California?

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      Giant has great bacon cheese burgers - greasy-spoon style. Last time I was there it was cash only. I think it's the one and only Giant, I don't think it has a connection to the Cali one. Here's the web site

    2. Giant Hamburgers is great and I do like it much better than Butter Burger. They have quite a following and not much seating (maybe 10 -12 booths) so it is always packed. I have never eaten breakfast there but I know people that have and they love it.

      Here is their website