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Jul 23, 2008 07:05 AM

C Vancouver

Anyone been there lately? Coming from Minnesota and have reservations for Sat. night. Any recomedations? Better place to go? I see there was another thread sorry about this. Is it true that the outdoor seating at Black Water is right by the smokers? Thanks

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  1. Last time I was at C was early last year. It is a good restaurant. The food and service was very good. I prefer Blue Water mainly because their menu and wine/sake lists suits my tastes better. They both have excellent seafood prepared with some Asian influence. C and Blue Water are tops for seafood here so anywhere else will pale in comparison, IMO.

    The outdoor seating at Blue Water is right on the walkway in Yaletown - so there could be smokers on the public areas next to tables. Smoking on outdoor patios is illegal here. Ask the host if you are concerned.

    1. Re smokers let me clarify as i believe you are referring to a comment i made on another thread. The patio is in the front and there are half a dozen chairs placed outside on what could be considered the sidewalk, i suppose to accomodate people waiting for their tables. On the night we were there we were seated in the patio near the entrance. A group of people had congregated by the chairs outside and were smoking. There were available tables at that time so i assume there were not there waiting for a table but had congregated there to smoke. I don't know how often that happens.

      1. We had dinner there earlier this month. It was very good. I would have preferred to have the chef's tasting menu (which I admired at a neighbouring table) but MrCris wasn't interested. The menu is set up with tasters, appetizers, and mains each in a theme, which you can mix and match. The themes are things like salmon, shrimp, bivalve, poultry, lobster, land meats, cod, crab, etc.

        We started with some lovely oysters - there were I believe 4 different kinds to choose from, and different toppings available. We had a couple of outstanding dishes (the lobster bisque was exceptional, and MrCris' crispy trout was his favourite). The dessert was a special and our waiter (very helpful, friendly without being intrusive) mentioned they were hoping to have it as a permanent feature. It was a parfait of white chocolate mousse, homemade marshmallows, homemade vanilla ice cream, and vanilla 'caviar'. It was so much better than it sounds! Light, fluffy, sweet but not overly so, and amazing textures.

        A few of our dishes were just okay/good, but I also think I was less happy with them because I found it hard to understand what I was getting when I ordered, as the menu descriptions are brief. I was surprised that one of my dishes was actually more of a soup, as I wouldn't have known it from the menu. So, make sure you chat with your server.

        Nice atmosphere, though it can be a little loud I think. Lovely view, of course, being right on the water. If it's a nice evening, you may want to call ahead and ask to be seated on the patio if you're interested (they have warmers out there for later), but like Blue Water, it's on the walkway so you may have people strolling by, rollerskating by, or what have you.

        1. In my opinion:

          Blue Water > C. Both are exceptional, but I like the atmosphere, wine, and raw bar at Blue Water.

          1. Came again on Sat. 7/26/08 great food but lacked polish, wine in wrong glasses etc.Service needs training. disappointed in cost .

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              That's a shame about the service, ibew292. C was once known for having some of the best service among Vancouver restaurants. However, things can change quickly in the restaurant world, and few restaurants can sustain consistent quality over the years, I find. Or perhaps you were there on an "off" night? Even the best restaurants have them.

              Question: What "lacked polish": the service only, or the food too?

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                We had the 6 course tasting menu with wine parings. The first course came and the wine came about 5min later. The third course the wine came in different glasses. One was correct for the wine the other wasn't. There were 2 people coming around with bread.One of those could have been removing dishes and replacing silver instead of offering bread every 10 min. For $350 I would expect better. In Minneapolis which is not known for fine dining the service is better. The food was good but most dishes seemed to be missing the mark. If I were to rate C it would have 8 for food and 6 for service. I had such a great experience last time (about 6yrs ago) that I looked forward to coming back. Tonight I think that Blue Water is going to be my place for dinner.

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                  Blue Water wins hands down. Great food and service. This was the experience I was looking for. Thanks Vancouver...

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                    Yep. Up to about five years ago, it was C for sure.

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                      In our last visit to Vancouver we had made reservations for C but cancelled and went to Blue Water instead, based on chowhound postings, for which we are thankful. We had a great evening.