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Jul 23, 2008 06:59 AM

Honeymoon in France- Annecy and Provence

My fiance and I will be getting married in Lanouaille, France in May 2009. We are then planning on visiting the Paris, before moving onto stops in the Provence region, Menton (just to eat Mirazur), Tuscany, and concluding our trip in either Cogne, Italy or Annecy, France. Although it is still many months from now, I have begun researching the various restaurants in the area of the hotels that we'll likely be staying in as dining well is something I take very seriously and I want to ensure that we make the right choices. One possible hotel in Provence that we are considering is La Bonne Etape in Chateau-Arnoux. There is a one-star Michelin restaurant attached, Restaurant La Bonne Etape and I was wondering if anyone had any reviews or comments as far as quailty of food, service, and ambiance regarding this place. I would also love to hear any recommendations for other good options in the area (budget is not a huge concern, but we want to try restaurants at all price levels).

Regarding Annecy, we are considering visting Clos De Sens a two-star Michelin restaurant. I have found a few reviews of this place (which have not been favorable thus far) and any information regarding the quality of the restaurant would be greatly appreciated. I am also open to any other suggestions for dining in the Annecy area.

Note: we will not be renting a car during our trip so it would be ideal for any suggestions to be very near Annecy or Chateau-Arnoux.

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  1. First, Congratulations!!! First, you will love Restaurant Mirazur. It has perhaps the most exciting food on the Rivera. The chef is wonderfully trained, last with Passard at Arpgege. I would recommend having the chef's surprise menu or telling the restaurant manager to create a special evening for you and your husband. In addition, the view over the Med is only equaled on the riviera by the view at the Chevre d'Or in Eze.
    As for Annecy, Marc Veyrat's three star restaurant is a short ride out of town. I still remember fondly my meal I had there with my parents in 1987!! It is a great place to have a romantic celebratory meal

    1. Hey, Congratulations. I also honeymooned in Provence. We stayed in different very nice hotels from which I recommend.
      Villa Gallici in Aix en Provence. Dine in Le Clos de la Violette.
      Oustau de Baumaniere in Les Baux de Provence. The hotel's restaurant is excellent and michelin starred.
      There's a nice hotel in St. Saturnin Les Alpes called Domaine Des Andeols.
      We stayed at L'Hotel Particulier in Arles, but didn't like the town that much. At least not for a 2 night stay, although we had a nice dinner at L'Atelier de Jean Luc Rabbanel. I would stay in Avignon instead (or in the countryside) and visit Arles for the day and stay for dinner.
      I second La Chevre D'Or. But, if you'll be close to that region (Eze, Nice, etc) go to St. Paul de Vence and stay (and/or dine) at La Colombe D'Or.


      1. In Les Baux there is a charming small hotel with a fantastic restaurant that is only for their guests called La Riboto de Taven. It is a lot less expensive to stay there than at L'Oustau, and is just as wonderful. To boot, you are just about walking distance from L'Oustau to go for one of the most romantic dinners in the world!

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          L'Oustau has to be one of the most romantic places to dine in the world and couldn't agree more with you ChefJune.
          I plan to take my girlfriend there for her birthday this September 16th.

          Congratulations michaelstl!

        2. I'm having an impossible time trying to find a link. but close to Annecy (which is beautiful) is Talloires, which has Pere Brise (in a hotel of the same name). We had a lovely meal there a few years ago. We taxied from there to Annecy, which should give you some idea of the relative distance. Sorry I can't help more with a link. At the time we ate there it was a 3 star restaurant, I don't have the current Michelin so I'm not sure of what is happening there now.

          Congratulations and have a wonderful trip.

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            Looks like Pere Bise (sorry for the earlier misspelling) now only has 1 star, but I did find the website. Its a lovely setting right on the lake a few miles from Annecy:

          2. For Annecy I can highly recommend L'auberge du Pere Bise. It has "only" one star (if you follow such things) but the setting by the lake is wonderful. The food, service and general atmosphere are top-notch. Booking an outside table is a must. I believe they can also organize a "private table" on the pontoon. Do check with them.
            Now if you really want to spurlge on something extra-special and very expensive, then the obvious destination should be Marc Veyrat (Three Stars).
            The website speaks for itself.