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Jul 23, 2008 06:37 AM

Looking for lunch between St. Louis and Springfield


I'm flying into St. Louis and driving to Springfield. Any restaurant recommendations for lunch along the way?


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  1. Springfield IL or Springfield MO?

    1. If it is Springfield, Illinois stop in Litchfield...about 1/2 way and try the is just off the interstate on Route 16 to the East and on the South side of the route. They have very good food and have a greek touch...good soup and nice staff family owned...DEWW

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        So sorry. I meant Springfied MO.

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          We tend to stop at Wendy's in Rolla since they've closed most of them here in St. Louis. I saw an interesting place @ the Fort Leonard Wood exit called the Mediterranean Grill. I can't speak for the food, but it looked like someplace we'll try when we have time.

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            I would second the Ariston if you were going that way.
            Since you are going the other way though, I would highly recommend Lewis Cafe in St. Clair. I just recommended it on another thread. They raise their own beef, make their own sausage and pies. Everything we have had is very tasty. The hamburger deluxe with grilled onions is hamburger heaven. They have everything from sandwiches to steaks to plate dinners and lunches.
            I think that the Mediterranean Grill looked interesting too but haven't tried that either.
            If you get as far as Lebanon before you eat, I would avoid the Bell restaurant. We thought it would be interesting to eat there because it was original to Rt 66. The food tasted like it was cooked in burnt grease and everything was just kind of run down. Very disappointing. We have eaten at the Wyota Inn Restaurant there and it was pretty good just not in league with the Lewis Cafe. .

        2. do you have time to kill?
          'cause there are slower but much more interesting routes than I-44.

          1. if you want to experiance a "slice of missouri culture", I believe Lambert's is off 44 between springfield and STL. I could be incorrect -- the town it's in is Sikeston and I'm pretty sure you hit Sikeston before FLW...


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              Sikeston is south of St. Louis (SE Mo)

              There is a Lambert's south of Springfield in Ozark, MO though.