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Jul 23, 2008 06:17 AM

NEW: Lollipop (dessert place), Mill Valley - any reports?

Lollipop will have 9-flavors of cupcakes from Noe Valley Bakery, ice cream, ice-cream cakes, & candy. It opened July 10, 2008. Any reports?

417 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley; (415) 380-1976


417 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, CA

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  1. Yes, my children had been avidly tracking the progress of the Lollipop project for months, as we live fairly nearby. I have only walked in and examined the impressive candy selection and some homemade ice cream (or is it gelato? I can't remember) that I would one day like to sample. I think there was black raspberry, which is unusual around here. Independently, the kids have enjoyed the ice cream -- my daughter reported on really good sorbet, I think it was mango. My son was on the fence about his cupcake, but I'm not sure he likes cupcakes as much as he thinks he does. It's a pretty, airy space -- though no room for sitting and eating on site, except a small window seat. I hope it's around for a while, as Mill Valley needs all the little bakeries and snack shops it can get.

    1. I brought home a pkg of 4 cupcakes (2.50-2.75 ea) for a wedding tasting -- alas, they did not past the taste test. Too cloying, too much frosting... and the manager was not customer-friendly.
      Frosting will be opening up where Village Music used to be. Will check that out.

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        Frosting's cupcakes tasted marginally better than Lollipops. Unfortunately both rely on overkill in the frosting department. Frosting's store is very sparse -- featuring each of their cupcakes (de jour?) in stands w/clear covers on a long counter w/the boxed cupcakes (individually) -- verrrry un-PC. One cupcake per one box. So if you buy 3 cupcakes, you get 3 individual boxes plus a shopping bag for your purchase. The paper cost must be exorbitant, which is why you pay $3/cc. Some day-olds on back counter. Nice owner though! Oh, we tried the mocha, quite good. The principles, however, said, meh. Kara's still #1 with them.

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        1. I stopped in today and had their made-right-there ice cream, vanilla and "C-3" (for three kinds of chocolate). It was very good ice cream with great flavor in both. The chocolate was unlike any chocolate ice cream I've ever had, with rich dense chocolate flavor. They use Strauss cream. All you ice cream lovers, give it a try and see how you like it.

          1. I went back today and had their vanilla ice cream. Wow, it was so good with a great vanilla flavor. I've now had their C-3 and vanilla, and this ice cream may be my all-time favorite, even over Fairfax Scoop and some other very good ones.