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Jul 23, 2008 05:55 AM

Bermuda Restaurants - Help Me Decide

I will be spending 4 nights in Bermuda, staying at the Hamilton Princess. I'm trying to decide which of the following restaurants to try:

Mediterraneo Bar

Any suggestions? I'm a serious foodie and enjoy the likes of The French Laundry, Alex, Joel Robuchon and Chez Panise. While I know Bermuda is not known for their fine dining, which of the above do you think are the best - or is there another spot I should consider?

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  1. You are correct in thinking you will not find anything the likes of the French Laundry of Chez Panisse there; I know I didn't. But we liked BLU and the view at sunset is terrific. The Waterlot is a real old style Bermudian restaurant, from what I was given to understand and is elegant and very comfortable but it is for serious meat eaters only. It reminded me of some very old English restaurants in London like Simpsons on the Strand. It has an excellent wine list.

    1. Hi Irish,

      The mainland restos you mentioned are definitely not in the same league as anything we have in Bermuda. Sadly, being of a limited land mass in the middle of the ocean really curbs what can be produced locally. So keeping that in mind, here are my thoughts.

      Mediterraneo is gone, replaced with Greg's Steakhouse. Not worth it.
      Blu - everyone I talk to seems to like it for some reason. I found the food was only okay but it seems that people who order the steaks/meats seem to do better than I. Service is a bit spotty, I think there's a new crew of waitresses from Eastern Europe in, English can be interesting. Views are really nice from patio.
      Silk-haven't eaten there in ages and no one I know seems to go there due to only okay food. I think Los Angeles is your better bet for Thai food.
      Fourways - old school. Always reliable for a good meal, extensive wine list. Great service. And I think they finally got rid of the jacket for men rule although it still requires smart attire.
      Waterlot - lovely patio outside. Steak and such, I've had several good meals there.
      Fresco's - reliable food. Nothing outstanding.

      Not on your list (and I keep blowing it's horn) is Beau Rivage at the Newstead. Still sort of in it's infancy so there are growing pains with the kitchen and staff but the food turned out for the most part pretty well. Great views from the patio which serves drinks only at this stage.
      For something thoroughly Bermudian, I believe others have recommended a place in St. George's for shark hash and other stuff. There's also a traditional Bermudian breakfast which is different and well worth a venture. See thread below.

      Good luck and have fun!

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        Hi again BDA -

        I've been looking around for some info on Beau Rivage and found nothing. Do you know of an online menu or can you give us some insight into what you enjoyed while dining there?


        1. re: goody1720

          Hi Jason,

          Unfortunately, there's no on-line menu right now as it's pretty new. 232-8686 is their phone number.

          I had their lobster bisque to start which was nothing stellar. It was more like the local fish chowder (not cream based) so was disappointed. Friends had the foie gras starter which was nice but needed the bread basket to soak up some of the richness.
          Mains, I had fish (can't remember what kind) which was really nice. Was moist and tender and flavours were well balanced on the plate. Can't remember what anyone else had.
          Dessert was a chocolate fondant which was to die for. Absolutely heaven, really should not have shared the darn thing but who knew!
          At the time, they were still on a partial menu which included 5 meats and 3 fishes for mains, still a good selection.
          I'll give them a ring later to see if they have their full menu yet.

          1. re: bdachow

            Just called the restaurant. Unfortunately, the kitchen is still short-staffed so it's still a partial menu. I'd say that 8 different mains is still a good selection.

            IMO, I like a well edited menu, should theoretically mean the kitchen does a dish well instead of spreading itself too thin trying to turn out too many things.

        2. re: bdachow

          Thanks for the info. How about the Newport Room? Any good?

          I do like the dining room at Cambridge Beaches but it is too far to go at night (I'm staying in Hamilton) given the price of taxis in Bermuda!

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            My son's been raving about Beau Rivage too. Most people seem to like the Newport Room. The chef from Waterloo House has moved to Horizons - the restaurant there is open though the hotel part has closed - definitely an option for you. Aside from a drink on the terrace at Blu, I wouldn't bother with any of the restaurants on your list.

            1. re: Athena

              without traveling to St. Georges, where would you recommend? My husband and I don't eat read meat, so steak places are out for the most part. I've booked so far at Beau Rivage (per your suggestion) and the Newport Room. Do you care for Barracuda Grill or Tom Moore's Tavern? What others do you suggest for a nice evening out?

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                I haven't had a meal there in a couple of months. Tom Moore's I really like for special occasions. It's a beautiful historical site in Bermuda. More formal so really good for a nice evening out. Food is good, I always enjoy my meals there. Nothing overly exciting though.
                Barracuda I've found has been hit and miss lately. Used to have dinner there more frequently due to consistency, good service and nice wine list but ever since my fav bartender left a couple of months ago, have not been too often.

            2. re: irishfoodie08

              I had the tasting menu at the Newport room last summer and found it was nice. Quite decadent. A little inventiveness but nothing super progressive. My only problem with Newport is the really old school vibe it has. Still requires a jacket for men and they're pretty rigid on it (my husband took his off so I could drape over my shoulders to stay warm and he had to put it back on at the request of the maitre'd who in all fairness, provided a shawl for my shoulders). The decor is really dark and clubby.

          2. We were in Bermuda in June.

            You HAVE to go to Waterloo - it was my favorite restaurant and and will be closing soon. It is not the same as as the American restaurants you mentioned, but in a similar vein. In presentation it's very fancy old school but the food is newish in style and variety.

            The food was exquisite - delicious, beautifully presented and expensive.

            Silk was great Thai, if that is what you want.

            We loved Greg's - a steakhouse in Bermuda didn't sound like a must-do, but everything was great. I also have to give a vote for Barracuda.

            1. I would say something has got to be said for the Lido - went there for a birthday and loved it - they also have foie gras with pear on the menu as well as a delicious looking lobster risotto - from experience, the seafood casserole was great as well as the steak and the service. Going to try out Newstead next week. Blu used to be my favourite, but something has happened there, the last 2 times I have been they have just been very rushed and the ambience is missing.

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