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Jul 23, 2008 05:49 AM

Pigalle Recs

Going tonight for daughter's birthday, anything that we should not miss?

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  1. Their tuna appetizer presented in the form of a crispy phyllo spring roll is very good.

    1. If it is in your budget - get the 5-course tasting menu paired with wine.... we went a few weeks ago, and it was heavenly. Between us we ordered every choice on the menu - and it was all good. High notes included the halibut course, the vichyssoise, the roasted beet salad and the tenderloin. All of these courses are available a la carte, so even if you do not do the tasting, you can enjoy them.... the halibut was my favorite! ENJOY!

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        OH - totally forgot - they served us an amuse - the Tuna Martini with Seaweed Salad, Spicy Crème Fraîche and Tobiko Roe - which is an appetizer course on the regular menu - it is OVER-the-TOP delicious!!

      2. i don't know if it's still on the menu but the pheasant and foie gras tortellini were awesome.