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Jul 23, 2008 05:40 AM

Rec. cooking school near Haifa?

OK, so now I have this bug in my head that I want to go to cooking school. Not for a career, just for fun and to improve my technique. ICE in New York sounds good, but I just looked up ticket prices Tel Aviv-JFK and that is not a financial option right now...

It would need to be in English, my Hebrew is not good enough yet. I can't be the only bored housewife looking to brush up on her knife skills in a city like Caesarea...

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  1. I don't think you'll find anything like this in English - certainly not near Haifa, where there are few anglos living. You can try checking with AACI (America-Anglo-Canadians in Israel) organization, to see what they have.

    If your plan is to learn Hebrew, than I humbly suggest that you take the course in Hebrew, even if you feel that your Hebrew's not up to it yet. This is the best way to learn, and I'm sure the people in the class will be happy to help. Anyway, cooking is mostly visual demonstration. There's an informal cooking school run out of a gourmet cook shop near my home in Herzliya Pituach. I can look into it for you, if you like.

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      That would be awesome, thank you! I'm learning Hebrew; have private lessons 2x/week. I actually just read my first Hebrew recipe, but it had a lot of pictures :-)

      Do you know if they focus on technique, or specific recipes?

      1. re: Cowprintrabbit

        They are called "Ossim Beeshul", telephone 09-951-8868. It is run by a professional chef. Ask to speak to Miki. They have lots of courses, from sushi to meat to baking, etc. They probably have technique courses as well. I was there today and they said English will absolutely not be a problem.

        Warning: They are in one of the worst designed buildings in a country of badly designed buildings, and their store is not easy to find. Make sure you get detailed instructions.

        1. re: MarkC

          Thank you!!! I will give them a call. (And thank you for the warning about finding them - in my 3 months here I have been lost and made more U-turns than in a typical YEAR in Seattle!)

    2. Incidentally, if you are living in Israel and interested in local food and wine subjects (in English) then you should definitely join Daniel Rogov's forum, if you haven't already: