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Jul 23, 2008 05:40 AM

Instant Read Meat Thermometer - Gun style & Mandolines

Does anyone have any gun-style instant read meat thermometer for meat they'd recommend? I'm not talking about roasts, I'm talking about steaks.

Also, what's your thoughts on those mandolines that julienne? Do you think they're a form of cheating or a form of consistency?

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  1. Thermopen makes one of the best instant read thermometers though expensive. I can't think of a gun style except in the IR but that wouldn't be good for internal temps.

    As far as mandolines, it is not cheating if it does what you want and does it well. Should you learn good knife skill, sure but it can aid in fast prep and consistency.

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    1. re: scubadoo97

      Are you referring to the ThermApen? Or is there a ThermOpen? Can you post a link to what you're talking about? Had any experience with it?

      Re: The gun style, are you talking about this:

      Is the IR no good for internal temps?

      1. re: adelphi

        Infrared thermometers measure the amount of IR the target is radiating. That's measuring the surface temperature. That's not very useful for most cooking (though it's not that far off for constantly stirred sauces), except to measure the temperature of a pan. To measure internal temperature, you need a probe that probes the part you want to measure. There are any number of them available.

        1. re: adelphi

          Yes it's the thermapen from thermoworks

          And the IR gun style from thermoworks does have a K style probe for internal readings but most IR gun style thermometers do not and only measure surface temps.

      2. You need a probe type for steaks. I use this one: Its fast at picking up the temps. I also use it for water temps when I'm making doughs.

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        1. re: The_Whistler

          I just bought this thermometer at the new Target store near my house. They are selling it for $12.99 Only in black. No string included as in the picture that you posted. The sensor does seem to be in/near the tip - just tested that. Hope it holds up to use/over time. The On /Off button seems to be pretty sensative so becareful of it turning on accidentally ....... but there is an auto shut off after 10 minutes if the temp doesn't change.

        2. As far as mandolines go, my favorite is the Japanese Benriner. It's easy, incredibly efficient and simple to clean. It comes in two sizes - get the larger one.

          1. I have a kyocera mandoline but only got it after I had already acquired pretty good knife skills. Not by design, just by chance. I don't often use it but when I do, I don't consider it cheating.

            1. Breadtopia has an instant read thermometer for a fraction of the cost of Thermopen:
              and I can vouch that it works!