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Jul 23, 2008 05:38 AM

Best cheap eats off the street car lines?

I have been to most all of the expensive places to eat in the city. I will be staying in the FQ in September for a few days, but I am a little short on cash this trip. I want to try some new places but don't want to spend any money on cabs. Please tell me all your favorite cheap places to eat that you can get to and from on the street car lines? Thanks

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  1. Streetcar Line:
    Please-U. 1751 St. Charles Ave. 525-9131. Neighborhood Cafe.
    St. Charles Japanese Sushi Buffet. 2100 St Charles Ave. 267-0799. Japanese. Sushi.
    Slice. 1513 St. Charles Ave. 525-7437. Pizza.
    Stop 9. 1432 St. Charles Ave. 267-3028. Neighborhood Cafe. Breakfast.
    Sushi Brothers. 1612 St. Charles Ave. 581-4449. Japanese. Sushi Bar.
    Trolley Stop Cafe. 1923 St. Charles Ave. 523-0090. Sandwiches.
    Mike Serio's Deli. 133 St. Charles Ave. 523-2668. Sandwiches.
    Mother's. 401 Poydras. 523-9656. Sandwiches.
    Leonardo's Trattoria. 709 St. Charles. 558-8986. Italian.

    Acme Oyster House. 724 Iberville. 522-5973. Seafood.
    Central Grocery. 923 Decatur. 523-1620. Sandwiches.
    Coop's Place. 1109 Decatur. 525-9053. Creole. Cajun.
    Country Flame. 620 Iberville. 522-1138. Mexican. Cuban.
    Orleans Grapevine. 720 Orleans Avenue. 523-1930. Wine Bar. Creole.

    Streetcar Line:
    West Indies Cafe. 1600 St. Charles Ave. 571-2015. Caribbean.
    VooDoo BBQ. 1510 St. Charles Ave. 522-4647. Barbecue.
    Zea. 1525 St. Charles Ave. 520-8100. Rotisserie. Eclectic.
    Pascal's Manale. 1838 Napoleon Ave. 895-4877. Creole Italian.
    Camellia Grill. 626 S. Carrollton Ave. 309-2679. Sandwiches.
    Cooter Brown's. 509 S. Carrollton Ave. 866-9104. Sandwiches. Oyster Bar.
    Refuel Cafe. 8124 Hampson. 872-0187. Neighborhood Cafe.
    Sara's. 724 Dublin. 861-0565. Eclectic. Indian.
    Vincent's. 7839 St. Charles Ave. 866-9313. Creole Italian.

    1. Mandinas, on the Canal St line.