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Jul 23, 2008 05:30 AM

Vietnam Restaurant W. Hartford, CT-yum

I searched the board first to see if anyone had written up this gem but I found nothing so I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a restaraunt in the Elmwood section of West Hartford.

First off, it's on New Britain Avenue in Elmwood--across and down the street from Tapas (to one direction) and the Corner Pug (to another direction). They do not have a liquor license but there is a nearby packie on the same side of the street a couple hundred yards away. For $17.95 I shared an order of Shrimp Rolls, Vietnamese Ravioli and an order of Chicken "Happy" Pancakes. The food is crazy cheap, plentiful and downright delicious.
The Shrimp rolls are quite large, fried and triangular with a great dipping sauce. The ravioli was amazing. It looked like an unfried spring roll and it had what appeared to be shrimp, chicken, some sort of greens and noodles in it and it came with an addictive and amazing peanut sauce. The Happy pancakes (which EASILY fed two of us) are gigantic and crepe-like with some sprouts, white meat chicken and the crepes were crispy outside. I still can't believe how cheap the food was.

My dining companion rooms with a Vietnamese woman who insists that Vietnam Restaraunt is the best food, from her country, in the Hartford area and beyond.

I woke up craving the appetizers and suspect I'll be back there or at least getting takeout within a week.

Here is a link to their lunch and dinner menus...but they don't seem to have a website:

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  1. I have to agree with you on this recommendation. My husband used to work over there and we would meat for lunch there. Unfortunately I have not been in quite a while. I do remember the fantastic vietnamese coffee, fresh rolls, happy pancake and a great fried rice that seemed fresh and not greasy. Caution that this is not a place to go to for great ambiance, you are there for the food.