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Jul 23, 2008 05:21 AM

All-natural soft serve (as in 7/23 NYT) in BOS?

Today's NYT Dining In had an article about a new wave of chef-made soft serve ice creams that use minimal artificial ingredients, going for the nostalgic Mister Softee texture but in nouveau flavors like hibiscus, balsamic Bing cherry, or horchata. (Also, double swirls of jasmine granita and white nectarine soft serve...ooooohhh.) Some kind of stabilizer like lecithin is usually used, but aside from that all ingredients are whole (milk, sugar, etc) and high-end. The article mentioned fine-dining and casual restaurants in NYC, CA, and Atlanta that make all-natural soft serve in-house, but nothing in Boston. Does anyone know whether such a dessert is on any menus in Boston?


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