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Jul 23, 2008 05:16 AM

Ouzo's Miami Beach is wonderful - GO THERE!

Great food....Great ambiance....When you enter this light and airy space with it's white and turquoise colored walls you are transported in time and place. Last night I met some old friends there and we enjoyed each others company while leisurely sharing a delicious assortment of Greek delicacies.

The wine flowed all night and there are great deals on the list. We paid between $35 and $46 bottle. We had a South African Pinotage and a Bordeaux from Margaux both luscious wines.

We started out with:
Kalamata olives and warm flat bread along with Cheese Saganaki - Kefalotiri, flamed at the table with brandy sprinkled with lemon juice. Grape Leaves, the best I've ever had. Giant Lima Beans, with chopped tomato, celery, onions & herbs, amazing garden green fresh taste. The Shrimp Ceviche, with ginger, red onions, dill, fresh lemon & lime juice had a nice spicy zing to it.

Then we moved on to:
Baby Lamb Chops, were to die for tender wonderful flavor perfectly cooked and served with lemon potatoes & steamed collard greens.
Grilled Octopus, oh man what a treat. Tender and smokey, marinated overnight in Greek olive oil & herbs. Served with a fennel.
Mixed Grill Plate, grilled skirt steak, lamb chop, quail & sausage with roasted lemon potatoes, sautéed baby onions & eggplant. I really liked the quail and sausage and I couldn't get enough of these roasted lemon potatoes.
Whole Mediterranean Dorada, simply grilled with a touch of olive oil, lemon juice & fresh
herbs. Served with greens, sautéed in white wine & garlic. What could be better? It was filleted at the table.

Liza & Gigi, the owners, were wonderful hosts. They have created a pleasant unrushed social atmosphere and it accommodates the a style of dining I love. We all had a great time.

They are struggling due to the extended construction by FPL. The intersection right in front of the place has been blocked off for months now. They have lost most of their outside seating. It would be a righteous thing to go there and support them now. You sure won't regret it!

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  1. I second this! They are really great, though I think they should have stayed in North Beach where they were as that was a great location as well and probably a third of the rent they are paying for a South Beach address.

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      I think their food declined but have not been in months now...When I first went I thought it was slightly worse than Joe Allens now I think it is a full step down and I don't bother anymore.