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Jul 23, 2008 05:08 AM

Gandhi -- is it still open?

A friend reported that he's been trying to order from Gandhi for over a week and no answer on the phone. He finally stopped by and said there was no sign of life. Does anyone know what is going on? Are they just on holiday? Closed for reno? Closed for good? Please say it isn't so!

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  1. I was there last Thursday night and they were up and running. They are closed on weekends though for July and August. I hope they're not closed!

    1. There's a sign on the door stating they're closed on the weekends. I think this is just for the rest of the summer.

      I found this out last Sunday when I traveled there expressly to try the butter chicken roti. So, so disappointed ...

      1. OK, whew, thanks. I guess my friend must have only been calling on the weekends! He did say that when he passed by on the streetcar he saw a sign in the window, but couldn't read it. Thanks for the updates!

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          Mother India is essentialy Gandhi, Parkdale branch. After a shakey/slow start they've become quite consistantly good.

          I don't know the name of the gentleman running the show there, but he's a classy and polite guy. Always wears a tie. Quite a different experience from the harried, confused or sullen staff at Gandhi.

          If you need to get your butter chicken on and are willing to travel to Parkdale, give it a try. Phone ahead, of course.

          Mother India
          1456 Queen Street West
          (416) 588-4634