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Jul 23, 2008 01:05 AM

Please help with Wildwood rec's!!!!!!!!!! Please.

Sorry, I want to ask for help. I am taking my parents to Wildwood for a long weekend, and I need rec's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (but for dinner-reasonable but reliable places. I just want you to know how much your rec's mean. My father is blind, but comes from an era where food is not as plentiful and delicious as it is now (and has been for a while). Therefore, one of his few pleasures is a good meal. So thank you in advance for your help.

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  1. It is my pleasure to be of whatever assistance I can. My DH and I have been visiting the same B&B (The Candlelight in North Wildwood) every August for some years now, so we have no breakfast recs., but over the years, we have enjoyed meals at Marie Nicole's in Wildwood Crest (American haute), Claude's in North Wildwood (classic French), Pacific Grill in Wildwood (American eclectic) and Nino's in North Wildwood (Italian family-style). Our Cape May dining experience has been hit or miss -- the only place we are genuinely fond of is the Magnolia Room at the Chalfonte Hotel, for wonderful old-fashioned Southern cooking. Have been reading here on Chowhound about some restaurants in nearby Stone Harbor -- that might also be a possibility.

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      Corrections -- it's Piro's Italian restaurant I was thinking of, not Nino's.

    2. IN WW, Marie Claires is very good but expensive. I've heard good things about Claude's but haven't been yet. It''s not cheap and they now have a bar. Sea Salt in Stone Harbor is excellent and BYO. If you are willing to be seated by 5:30 pm, make reservations at the Black Duck in West Cape May, also BYO. They offer a $20 three course meal that is a fabulous value. The dessert offering is typically weak but the appetizer and entrees are always very good. Try for a Sunday night rather than Saturday. You will definitely need reservations anywhere on a Saturday night.

      1. There are many good places that can meet your needs.Our family favorites are casual Lucy Bones in Cape May just over the bridge from WW. Moderate would be Fredas in CM.High end would be the Washington Inn. Check out alot of WW/CM posts Luck