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Jul 23, 2008 12:21 AM

Valley Blvd, Alhambra: taco stand still there?

OK, this is a long shot because I can't remember the address, but I used to work for a car dealer/U-Haul place (I was very young, please forgive me) on Valley Blvd in Alhambra. It's been gone for almost 10 years now. Across the street was a little taco/burrito stand that had a covered area with picnic tables to eat at. I ate there almost every day, and when I was sick (often, as I'm allergic to smog) they would give me a free green chile chicken burrito. They were good - but HOT - no germs left after that! I was always the first person at the lot when I unlocked at 7am, but there would always be someone across the street working on the beans, etc for the day - it made me feel safer to know someone was there :-)

Does anyone know the place I'm talking about? Are they still there?

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  1. Do you mean Pepe's? I think they are still there but not sure. They have a more formal place (as in larger, but still counter service) on Rosemead Blvd. in Temple City, a couple blocks north of Las Tunas.

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      That is the place I was thinking of, but could not remember the name. I am sure that is what he is thinking of.

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        That sounds right; thanks! I'm currently in Israel, but will have to try and visit next time I'm in So Cal. Born in Pasadena, raised in Arcadia, so I get back there occasionally...

        Oh, and I'm a she - girls can sell cars too ;-)

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          Forgive my masculine assumtion. Let me buy you a couple of tacos when you get back to make up for my stupidity.

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            s'ok - I like to rib people about it because I have an overactive "girls can do anything" gene in my family :-)

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              It is okay, I am a guy with a girls name. Ciao

      2. The taco joint where you drive through one side and then turn left in the alley and pick up your order on the other side ? They have a small patio in front RIGHT SMACK in the middle of both driveways so when it's busy at lunch you get a REAL dose of tail pipe with your food. If that sound familiar then YEP! it's still there. Head south on Garfield and then a left on Valley, go half a mile or so and it's on your left. If you pass Atlantic then you've gone too far.

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          um, if you head South on Garfield and left on Valley, you'd never hit Atlantic anyway.

        2. just found out I'm going to be back in CA in October - woohoo! now I just have to justify driving to Alhambra "on my way" from LAX to Anaheim :-)

            1. right across the street from sam woo IIRC