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Jul 22, 2008 11:39 PM

No-fridge potluck ideas?

I searched high and low for ideas here and maybe it's just my brain on summer, but I need to make some goodies for a potluck this weekend and I'll have no access to a fridge for two days leading up to the event (I'm going camping on the way to the potluck). What is tasty and doesn't require refrigeration?

I will fall back on some simple cookies, but I was hoping for something savory. Any ideas, Chowhounders?? The event is Sunday and I leave town Friday, so it needs to be something I can prepare Thursday night or Friday morning.

Thanks millions in advance.

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  1. My favorite dish for a pot luck or BBQ is Ina Garten's roased vegetables with orzo. It does not need to be refrigerated. And it's fabulous, everyone always asks for the recipe. Oh, just do a search on the food network site.

    1. Maybe some bread or muffins but don't you at least have a cooler? I can't imagine anything that can withstand a couple of days in the tent. Maybe make cornbread, savory biscuits and take a jar of hot pepper jelly. Buy jars of chile con queso and taco chips. Jarred salsas. Corn on the cob? Grill it at the pot luck. Make a chipotle maple glaze for the corn.