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What have you made lately? Tell us about it

Water Grill

Jimmy May 11, 2003 08:35 PM

Has anyone been to Water Grill lately? I am going for a birthday dinner and would appreciate any suggestions on what to have and what to avoid.


  1. f
    Filmfreaketta May 11, 2003 08:40 PM

    My husband had the lobster with the chef's preparation that was exquisite. I had the ahi tuna that was great and the chowder, which is highly recommended. The chocolate brioche pudding has become my favorite LA dessert.

    On my what to avoid list is a certain waitresses station. Her name is Kristie. We had an unpleasant evening because of her recently. I wrote to the manager about it.

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    1. re: Filmfreaketta
      Wildcat May 13, 2003 05:22 PM

      What exactly did this waitress do? To name her seems so personal. Was she the same waitress who arranged with the chef to prepare that special entree for your husband?

      1. re: Wildcat
        Filmfreaketta May 13, 2003 07:37 PM

        She was rude and condecending. You must have confused me with someone else. We did not have anything specially prepared.

        1. re: Filmfreaketta
          Wildcat May 13, 2003 08:03 PM

          My mistake...When you said chef's preparation I thought he did something special with the Lobster. What was managements response?

          1. re: Wildcat
            Filmfreaketta May 13, 2003 09:46 PM

            a very kind response from the GM. he sent some gift certs. If you look through the posting history here, a few other people have had issues with service there (never with food) and when they have spoken to the GM he has been very responsive.

            they care very much that their customers are satisfied and come back.

            1. re: Filmfreaketta
              David Kahn May 13, 2003 10:00 PM

              I work close by, and have been going to the Water Grill for lunch, probably three or five times a year (recruiting, client lunches, etc.) for the past nine years, and have had dinner there maybe half a dozen times. In all that time, I have never had even the slightest problem with the service (and as you point out, the food is consistently excellent). I wonder if I've just been lucky, or maybe the business suit and tie have a beneficial effect on the wait staff.

              1. re: David Kahn
                Filmfreaketta May 13, 2003 11:18 PM

                I also work downtown and frequent WG often, that's why I was shocked enough at the disappointing service that I took the time to contact the GM. I really wasn't looking to get a free meal, I just wanted to tell them about our experience since it was so different than my usual experience. I will continue to frequent WG (gift certificate or not), I just won't sit at this particular waitpersons station.

                I do feel badly about naming names (I probably could also get sued, I read that the publisher of the Daily Journal is suing someone over something someone posted about him on Ebay) but since the problem we had was specific to an individual and not the restaurant as a whole, I feel justified.

                1. re: Filmfreaketta
                  Xavier May 14, 2003 02:06 AM

                  You're probably safe unless she's in law school; the publisher of the Daily Journal (a legal notice publication) is a lawyer.

    2. r
      russkar May 12, 2003 02:05 AM

      Call Michael C. at WG and ask him to do a Tasting Menu for you. He blows us away everytime with his twist on great Seafood.

      1. d
        David Kahn May 12, 2003 05:06 PM

        I concur with russkar -- the tasting menu is wonderful and extravagant. Personally, I tend to like their fish dishes better than their lobster, but maybe that's just me.

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        1. re: David Kahn
          mstinawu Jul 25, 2006 02:48 AM

          I agree, their fish is definetly better than their lobster.

          1. re: David Kahn
            Griller141 Jul 25, 2006 03:34 AM

            Russkar! A blast from the ("over 3 years ago") past. The aforementioned Michael C. is obviously now at Providence, but I miss Russkar's over the top culinary excesses on this board.
            OK, I know, not about food.
            To keep it honest, I go to Water Grill about every month, usually for lunch. If price is not a problem, this is a pretty good place. For $50 apiece for lunch it had better be good. Food is reliable though not unbeatable and I have never, ever, had a problem with the service. If I were paying, though, I would think twice.

          2. mstinawu Jul 25, 2006 02:47 AM

            Expensive, but worth it for a night on the town. Fresh seafood and great service. I'd reccomend it!

            EDIT: I had the best fish collar/chin anywhere at this place. Succulent and fresh--better than any Japanese place I've gone to for fish collar.

            1. carln Jul 27, 2006 03:49 AM

              Go to Providence instead. Since Michael C. left its not the same at Water Grill...and it used to be my favorite place in town.

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