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O.G. is closing. I need a new casual EV favorite!

Hi everybody,

My favorite casual go-to restaurant, O.G. on 6th st between A and B, is closing in August (http://eater.com/archives/2008/07/the...). One of the waiters also let me know when I was there last week.

I love O.G. because the food is consistently good, the prices are reasonable, and the staff is always extremely friendly. I must go at least twice a month.

Any recommendations on new places I can explore to fill the void this will leave? I'm looking for something with the same qualities--consistently good food, reasonable prices, and a friendly staff. It's got to be casual enough to just pop in on a Saturday night, and to feel free to get to know and chat with the waitstaff. East Village around that same area would be perfect. I want a place I can frequent.

Thanks in advance,

507 E 6th St, New York, NY 10009

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  1. Just realized my link is broken. Actual link here:

    1. RIP OG. Been going for 15 years.

      1. This is so sad! While I did recently get bored of their regular rotation of specials, it was definitely our go-to place, especially to bring friends when we needed a weekend place last minute. There is nothing like that duck entree w/ that delicious mango sauce.

        Here's a few that I've grown to love over the past year.

        Casimir - staff not as friendly, but it's been growing on us recently because the food has been very consistent and good. Husband was blown away last week by the rack of lamb.

        EU is pretty reasonable, but is missing the neighborhoodiness of OG.

        Grape and Grain - love it a lot, esp for brunch.

        Le Miu - this is the fancier sushi place on Ave A. They've added some interesting cooked dishes lately. You might spend a little more there (than OG), but the quality is great and staff is very friendly.

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          Thanks! I think we're going to try EU this Saturday. Any dish recommendations?

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            We always seem to end up at EU for brunch, and never for dinner. Love the fried egg served w/ farina or polenta and also the steak & eggs. The french toast and waffle are both tasty but too sweet after a few bites.

            For dinner, I've only had the fish & chips - beware - the "chips" are actually battered and fried green beans!

            For lunch, the burger and sandwiches are great, and salads are pretty good, too. Also great for wine and cheese in the afternoon, too.

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              I ate there about a year ago, and while I remember everything being very good, the only dish I specifically remember is the octopus appetizer, grilled to perfection--outstanding flavor and spot on texture.

          2. A little farther afield but have you tried The Redhead? They just received a great review on The Strong Buzz.


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              Gnocco- nice outdoor garden
              Max- no res policy
              Cacio e pepe
              Supper- can get super crowded

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                I can't seem to go one weekend without hitting up one of the Max/Supper/Lil Frankie's restaurants-- I love them and they are so laid back.

            2. I also like...
              Resto Leon - 12th & 1st - French (great service who always remember regulars/very fun atmosphere)
              Cafecito - 12th & C - Cuban - great value & food
              Seymour Burton - 5th nr. (great waiter whose on most nights...goes the extra mile always)

              Definitely second Grape & Grain (love it!), Max, Casimir and The E.U.

              Good luck!

              1. Westville East on A and 11th or 12th is also very pleasant to eat at, if you don't mind open air in the heat (or avoid it on the hot days!).

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                  I definitely second Westville East. It's on 11th and A.

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                    We just ate there for the first time about six weeks ago and weren't the least bit impressed.

                    We kept it simple with burgers and hot dogs and everything was mediocre at best. I just don't get the hype of this place.

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                      I like the ingredient quality and the care taken to balance flavors, like the dill dressing on the side salads.

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                        It's cheap, fast, reliable, and pretty much anything you order is going to be decent. Isn't that a definition of a neighborhood place?

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                          Our service wasn't fast or reliable and the food was barely decent. First I was brought someone else's burger. Then the correct one only it wasn't cooked the way I'd ordered it.

                          It would have to at least be good for a return visit.

                          Maybe we just caught them on an off night.

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                          hi cornflakgirl - try it for delivery. I've been amazed that they can account for transport in a plastic container and still get the burgers cooked perfectly. I think it's worth a second shot, if for delivery only.

                    2. Thanks for all the replies so far everybody. We made the EU reservation for Saturday.

                      What are people generally getting at Grape and Grain? The menu looked a little small to me. Are the pizzas the "main" meal?

                      CornflakeGirl, I hadn't heard of that. Thanks! It may be impossible to get in now with the StrongBuzz and NYT articles but we'll certainly try, because the menu and description sound just like the kind of place I'm talking about.

                      Also thanks for the other suggestions everybody. I've been to Cacio e pepe and Casimir. Both were very good but not necessarily places I'd consider as my default casual.


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                        A strength at Grape & Grain is definitely the shareability of the plates. The pizzas are great - perfect for 1 person if you're hungry. Just about all the appetizers I've tried have been great, too, especially the mushroom tart. I guess the menu's on the small side, but the appeal for me is the friendliness and neighborhood vibe.

                        I'm definitely going to have to try the Redhead, too!

                      2. We went to EU on saturday and really enjoyed it! Thanks for the great suggestion, everybody that made it.

                        Going to try The Redhead and Grape and Grain next. Really appreciate everybody's advice in this thread.

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                          np - glad you liked it! Please report back with anything new you find, too.