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Jul 22, 2008 10:45 PM

Peruvian restaurant?

I used to love going to El Bodegon on College. Now that it closed, where do you go for good Peruvian?

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  1. I really like Boulevard Cafe on Harbord at the Annex.
    I am not too crazy about their chipotle sauce but they always do a great job on the seafood.
    There is also El Fogon on st clair. but I have never been.

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      1. re: happycamper

        Boulevard has a GREAT pisco sour too.

      2. The Boulevard Cafe has a wonderful Peruvian seafood stew, I am addicted to it.

        1. I miss El Bodegon, the place that's in its old space is pretty bad...there's always a stroll on St. Clair to check out some of the Peruvian spots - pick a nice night and go for a wander.

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            Whatever you do, do not go to La Cocina de Dona Luz , West of Christie, it is appalling. The service is aggressive and plain rude. And the food totally unreliable and not really Peruvian. More like a tasteless Central American. Plus the men that go there just to drink and drink and drink, are a turn off. I go there every 5 years or so, to give it a chance but I am always disappointed. The only Peruvian restaurant worth the time is El Fogon, at this point anyway.

          2. The Boulevard Cafe does Not serve Authentic Peruvian Food. When I have been there, I have had to laugh at what they pass as Peruvian food. Please. It is quite expensive and overpriced.
            El Bodegon (And I have been there countless times) lost it s quality over the years and its service was sketchy. Mind it was Peruvian cuisine proper. Now that it closed we have a restaurant on St Clair that serves Peruvian Food that is good quality, very tasty indeed.
            I eat Ceviche only in Peru (once a year I travel there) But everything else is delish. try the Anticuchos if you eat meat, you will love!!! And my fave is Pescado a la Chorrillana.
   is their site, the pics there just made me hungry!
            Their hours and service could be better, but hey, their prices make up for it! They are very very affordable. La sangria is quite yum and also my family love the pisco sours there... Try Inka Kola i f you like sweet and refreshing drinks, with ice!
            You cant go wrong, you can order anything..It is quite yummy.
            Closed Mondays and Tuesdays unfortunately...and not open for breakfast. Peruvians make amazing breakfasts.... sigh...

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            1. re: anatolia

              El Plebeyo (St.Clair/Bathurst) has a huge menu of authentic peruvian, cozy atmosphere, prices are bit on the high side. Try the anticuchos.

              La Cocina de Dona luz - haven't set foot in this place in years, last time I ordered "chupe de camarones" (shrimp soup/stew) It was heated up in the microwave and tasted funky. in my opinion- skip it

              King's BBQ chicken (Rogers/Keele)
              For Pollo a la Brasa (this is Peru's national dish- not ceviche as many people claim)- well seasoned-tasted great. "Chifa" -peruvian chinese food, also sold here. This place is definately for take out- not to dine in.

              Latin American Food Court (Milvan Drive- Weston/Finch)
              The peruvian place here (I forget what is called) makes a really good seafood fried rice and all their other dishes are tasty. Inca Kola, Chicha morada all sold here as well. If you don't mind a buzzing food court with flat screens showing videos, novelas, soccer etc. then dine in and enjoy.

              1. re: Dieguito

                El Fogon: Great authentic Peruvian cuisine but I would skip seafood dishes such as 'ceviche'. My Favorite "Anticuchos"

                El Plebeyo: It's a bit expensive but has a good Pisco Sour. Good "Jalea" (tasty fried seafood)

                La Cocina de Dona Luz: Don't even think about it.

                King's BBQ: The worst customer service ever but good Chinese Fried Rice. In my opinion the bbq chicken has too many spices. I wouldn't recommend it. The Restaurant is very very dirty so be aware.

                Latin American Food Court (El Mercadito): I've decided never to go back to the "El Sabroson" since I found a piece of metal sponge in my "ceviche".

                Boulevard Cafe: The best tasting "ceviche" in Toronto. Amazing "Camarones al Ajillo" but some dishes are not considered authentic Peruvian Cuisine. A bit expensive but worth it.

                1. re: TorontoFoodCritic

                  new place in mississauga called latin super chicken, makes really good pollo a la brasa. They have tonnes of peruvian imported groceries as well. it's just outside streesville. britannia and mississauga road area, the little plaza next to the portugese club.

                  1. re: kevinlikesfood

                    Have you been to Chachy's on Dundas W? It says it's got Peruvian chicken. I've been past it a million times and have been curious but never enough to get off the bus and try it out...

                    1. re: Manybears

                      There is nothing special about the chicken at Chachy's, The food in general is so-so, the place had live music on the weekends and the atmosphere was ok.

                      The guy who owned the place with his wife (he was the owner/chef/musician, apparently left his wife and the placed closed.

                      5429 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M9B1B5, CA

                      1. re: Garcilaso

                        Thanks for the reply Garcilaso. Too bad!

                    2. re: kevinlikesfood

                      Thanks for the tip Kevinlikesfood. I love Pollo a la Brasa and thought King's was so/so. I will definitely try Latin Super Chicken next time in Mississauga.

                      I also make a homemade version. Recipe below (but add a teaspoon or two of brandy to the marinate) and cook chicken on a gas BBQ with rotisserie. It's amazing good!


                    3. re: TorontoFoodCritic

                      Anyone else try Latin Super chicken ? Planning a trip to Mississuaga next week.

                2. El Fogon is so-so and there are very mixed postings about it on this site. I have been and while we really enjoyed the ceviche, the rest of the meal was pretty disappointing. I have not been back since (although I would like to give it another try). I have heard very good things about El Plebeyo on Bathurst just south of St. Clair. It might be worth checking out -- I have not been but am eager to try it.