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saturday brunch - LAX/El Segundo - Lg group

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First of all...

HELLO! I had no idea a site like this existed, this is incredible! I eat out alot (way too much!) and I am always looking for new places. A quick browse thru the boards here and I've already got a ton of new places to try!

So, I am looking for a place to have a SATURDAY brunch in the LAX/El Segundo area for a group that will potentially be 45 people. I saw that McCormick and Schmitts (sp?) had something for $31-50, but I was hoping for something in a cheaper range. We don't necesarrily need a private room, although that may be best for the other customers! Hotel restaurants would be an acceptable option, I just haven't eaten at any in that area.

Any ideas?


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  1. 26 Beach has a garden that holds 50, you better call in the AM and see if they have anything going on. They are in Venice, just north of you by 5 miles or so.

    26 Beach
    3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      the only way that 26 beach would work is if they would be willing to let you reserve the garden well in advance--not the morning of.

      26 beach is normally full to near capacity for brunch every weekend.

      1. re: westsidegal

        You are right, but saturdays are never crazy there, and if you do it early or in a slow period, I know they would work with you, I did about 25 for a saturday mornig around 10 and they gave us the whole inside. Hey, the economy is slow, if they can get you in, any restaurant, they will make it work for you and them.

        1. re: Burger Boy

          how much did you pay per person out-the-door (including beverages, tax, and tip)? did your guests get to order off the menu or was there some sort of limitation? how about drinks? were drinks included in the price? coffee? expresso? was there a limit on those?

          1. re: westsidegal

            There were 25 of us on the inside at 10AM and they charged us $27 per, tax and tip included along with coffee, iced tea or soda. We had 6 choices off the breakfast menu. They might charge more for the garden as that is the prime spot nd you would be using the whole thing. See if they will work with you when they are slow, say 9 or 10 AM or 2-4 or 5PM.

    2. If Venice is an option, you might consider the Rose Cafe. They have a nice outdoor garden, good food, inexpensive. Another chain option near McCormick & Schmick's in El Segundo/Manhattan Beach is Houston's. But obviously you'd have to call either place to see if they can accommodate such a large group. There is also Shanghai Red's in Marina del Rey...food is pretty good but nothing special, but it's a nice setting and I believe they have private rooms. I think it would be a little $$ than M&C, but you'd have to check.

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      1. re: Nicole

        shanghai reds is about $40/pp including tax and tip. they certainly could accommodate this size group if the arrangements were made well in advance.

      2. Truxton's American Bistro is right by LAX and I believe they serve an excellent brunch!
        Try googling for their website. They have a private room too...

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        1. re: banquisha

          Agreed. Truxton's private room ought to be perfect. I haven't had brunch / breakfast food, but they mostly do a good job at lunch time.

          A serious flaw I've experienced more than once is their choice of bread. The ciabatta sandwiches I've had there use bread from a vendor (Ca - something) that's overbaked, dry, flavorless and just ruins an otherwise good sandwich. Once they source better bread, I'd give an unreserved recommendation of Truxton's.

          Truxton's American Bistro
          8611 Truxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045

          1. re: Professor Salt

            Good point about their bread. On the other hand their hamburger buns are quite good (as are their burgers).

            1. re: Servorg

              Good to know about the burger buns. Next time, I'll ask to sub out the crappy ciabatta rolls for the buns.

              I talked to a manager about the ciabattas, and she agreed they had issues. In due time, they'll find a better replacement, and all this will be moot.

        2. Tony P's Dockside Grill in Marina del Rey has private dining room or dining area that will fit your group. Tell them your budget and they will give you suggestions on how to make it work. They can do buffet or put together a menu for table service.


          1. SOUPLANTATION in marina del rey could accommodate you and come in under budget.
            also, across the street from SOUPLANTATION, the marriot courtyard hotel in marina del rey probably could accommodate your group, but i don't know their pricing nor anything about their food.

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              1. re: Diana

                for a group that size, on a saturday, at that price range, it will be very hard to find a place with better food quality. souplantation offers variety, cleanliness, ample space, and all the benefits of a varied buffet for an amazing price.

                if i wanted excellent food quality for a large group on a saturday, i'd resign myself to paying more.. . .

            1. Capistrano's at the Embassy Suites LAX maybe big enough to accommodate your group. I had lunch a few times a year or so ago there, and the food was OK. Not inspirational, but I thought it was decent at the time. Maybe OK if all else fails. I found a catering menu online: http://www.capistranos.com/laxsocial0...

              Another chain that may accommodate is Marmalade Cafe at El Segundo Plaza. I've only been there once for dinner. Again, decent, not inspirational. http://www.marmaladecafe.com/

              I've been to Truxton's a few times, and still wasn't impressed. To me it's no better, no worse than chains like Cheesecake.

              If it wasn't for the large group you'll probably get recs for Pann's - their fried chicken wings and waffles are justly famous.

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              1. re: notmartha

                Pann's would work as they can easily seat that sized group on their enclosed patio.


                1. re: Servorg

                  Hate to say anything against Pann's - my home away from home! - but one problem with their patio is that it's really not very big. The group meal I hosted there was good, but the arrangement was a long skinny table (eight or so tables placed end-to-end), and I never had a chance to converse with anyone at the north-eastern end. And I think that was only about twenty people.

                  1. re: Will Owen

                    I like a narrow table for a group that size. At least then I can actually talk to and hear the people across from me as well as those next to me. I don't know how you could seat 25 people and talk to those at the far end no matter how you arranged it, so Pann's would be a good place for me to do this.

                2. re: notmartha

                  marmelade's prices are likely to be in line with mccormick and schmitt's prices.

                3. thanks for all your suggestions, i'm looking forward to checking them out! and of course, if anyone has anything else to add, please do.