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Jul 22, 2008 09:58 PM

New in Town

My cousin just moved to L.A. after graduating college. I am taking him to dinner and looking for a nice and delicious restaurant in/near Hollywood or Beverly Hills. I dont mind spending money but dont want to spend much more than $40 a person before drinks and dessert. I am looking for something that' seems like L.A. but not trying too hard and not too loud.
A few ideas
BLD (menu looks great but is it too loud?)
Dakota at Hollywood Roosevelt
Kate Mantilini

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  1. Do you have a certain day in mind? If not, I would try the Lucques Sunday supper, which is $45pp.

    1. LA means so many things to so many people...and they are all as different as can be. These places, while all completely unlike each other, seem LA to me, are TOO loud, and are in the price and location ranges you want:
      Pizzeria Mozza
      the new Loteria on Hollywood Blvd
      Sushi Wa Bistro
      Amarone Kitchen + Wine
      Musso & Franks

      1. Have only been to BLD for brunch and lunch - but it was not loud. The food is great. Would not recommend Kate Mantilini (overpriced diner with medicore at best food).

        How about Pizzeria Mozza? I think Hatfield's has a prix-fixe market dinner for under $40.