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Jul 22, 2008 08:30 PM

Kingfish in Seattle?

I'm taking a group of geeks (we make video games) to Seattle for an upcoming conference in late Aug. Last year we had a good time at some of the Tom Douglas restaurants and this year I want to branch out a bit. We'll likely return to Serious Pie as thats a fun place and we'll also make it to Salumi for lunch. One of the places I saw in a recent article of "where the locals eat" is Kingfish. We're from Canada, so we have very little southern/soul food up here and I'd like to take the group to try it. We're going to be staying near the convention center, so don't want to travel too far.

Is this a good or bad idea? I'm not that worried if there is a better option on the other side of the city, I'm more concerned with if Kingfish is an overall good restaurant.

Any feedback is appreciated. =)

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  1. ECP, Kingfish is definitely a Chow-worthy destination. Their southern fried chicken is the real deal as are the biscuits. You'll have a great time.

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    1. re: Glassman

      I'd be a little worried depending upon the size of the group tho. Kingfish doesn't take any reservations at all, do they? Even for groups?

      I mean, yes, it's a fantastic restaurant. But would I bring a group there? Probably not. I don't think I'd try to get more than 4 people there. Unless, of course, they're willing to rent the place out for the night.... Or you go for lunch. Early lunch hours are usually pretty quiet.

      1. re: jaydeflix

        I've eaten there with a group of 12 or so - a friend's birthday. I imagine they reserved the table. It was at the back of the bar.

        Kingfish is a favorite of ours - we savor every bite. Just a warning, though: everyone gets their mojitos, but in my opinion they're way overpriced and pretty average. All the chow is top notch, though.

    2. I like Kingfish Cafe a lot. I just went back there for dinner last Friday for the first time in a while, and it was as good as I remember. Great comfort food, great atmosphere.

      As jaydeflix mentioned, it can be a hassle for a group esp since they don't take reservations, but if you are willing to brave the waits at Salumi or Serious Pie, than this shouldn't be an issue.

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      1. re: clearskies0810

        The wait at Salumi, unless you're eating there, are just to get the food. Kingfish, you're going to be waiting for enough people near each other to leave to go... I think I'd rather find a more... well, I can't think of the right term that doesn't make kingfish sound bad. not welcoming, not friendly...Well, maybe 'ood for groups' Enough restaurant sites use that. Unfortunately, I don't know that you'll find Kingfish's style in a good for groups restaurant in Seattle. Personally, if you have enough people, I'call them up anyways and see what they can do. They wouldn't be the first place to only take reservations for large parties.

        1. re: jaydeflix

          My point regarding the wait was the OP seemed to value the grub more than convenience based on their other choices, and Kingfish isn't really any more inconvenient than Salumi or Serious Pie.

          I'd say Kingfish is pretty close to, if not a little better than, Serious Pie in terms of getting a table (in terms of the wait, no resies, etc). Plus, the OP said nothign of how large this "group" is, but if it is not too big for Serious Pie, it shouldn't be too big for Kingfish.

          Hopefully they don't run out of red velvet cake next time...

          1. re: jaydeflix

            Salumi will book a room in the back for maybe 6 or 8 at $40 a head or so, and customize a menu from their tasty collection of rustic recipes. No waiting in line and you get the full attention of the chef...

        2. If you go to Kingfish, save room for cake. Red velvet, german chocolate...all good.

          1. i would consider Steelhead Diner over Kingfish-- more choice of food, bigger place, Southern influenced menu don't miss the gumbo, fried smelts (if they have them that day), lemon cake (also you can walk there from the COnvention Ctr, about 8 blocks)

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            1. re: barleywino

              While I could be persuaded that Steelhead Diner is better food (though I'm not sure...) I think that they are two very different breeds. If I were not from the states and came in search of southern food, I'd be much more pleased with the decor and atmosphere and honestly, the food, at Kingfish...Steelhead diner might have a southern influanced menu, but it is a Northwest restaurant.

              1. re: dagoose

                i agree..Kingfish is pure Southern, Steelhead has both Southern and PNW...Kingfish is more homey/traditional, Steelhead is more modern (both decor and food)

                1. re: barleywino

                  Kingfish has my rec for better and more interesting, homemade-style food...and their desserts are a standout.

                  1. re: staffstuff

                    i had the ribs at Kingfish and found them dry and tough...

            2. Thanks for the tips all, especially about the no reservations bit. It will be about 6 people, so I'm happy to risk it. =)