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Jul 22, 2008 07:54 PM

North San Antonio recs needed

Hey all,

I just got a job in North SA...right off of I35 at Pat Booker. I'm reading the board, but thought I would throw this out there...I am looking for lunch. Workday lunch, nothing special, just good, and close. Any ideas? All ideas welcome, from taco trucks to organic veggie fare, sit down to stand up, extra points for good+adventurous. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Places on Pat Booker
    Taco Sensations behind taco Bell in an old house
    'Culebra's in the old Jack in the Box.
    El Toro,next to McDonald's
    Chester's Hamburgers next to McDonald's
    Youz Guys Philly Cheesesteaks, a new place
    Tres Hermanas on Bowie in Universal City
    Dragon Lake Chinese across from West Telemarking
    Figlio's Italian
    Little Dante's Italian next to the Valero
    There are several other mexican places on Pat Booker.
    Bangkok Cuisine next to Check N' Go in Live Oak
    Shanghi Chinese restaurant up in the Mr.Gatti's plaza next door to the video store.
    China Orchid Buffet in The Forum Shopping Center

    Will contiune tomorrow,as I leave at Four O'clock from work.

    1. Hi,I'm back.
      In Schertz there is a new mexican place next to Papa John's on FM3009,but i don't know the name.
      There is also on 3009 Garcia's Mexican Restaurant
      By the Walmart in Schertz is Bellacino's and a vietnamese restaurant in the same plaza as WingStop and the AT&T store.
      Also there is Abel's Diner. But to get to it, you have to go 3009,then go up and turn into the Walmart parking lot and head towards the Garden Center end of Walmart.
      There is an exit onto the I-35 access.Turn right on the access road,and it's right before the Valero.It has been there many years.
      On Main Street in Schertz across from the post office and the conviencestore,is Fiesta Mexico,they have good breakfast tacos,haven't had lunch there yet.
      Also on main St. is BG's.They have breakfast and lunch. Have gone there many times.Got a nice little write up in the paper a week or two ago.
      Some of the old guys in town like to hang out there for breakfast.

      The next town is Cibolo.
      In Cibolo there is La Tortillita,a mexican place
      Railroad Seafood Station in the old Pat's Place is closed.
      La Tortillita is on FM78
      In the town of Cibolo itself is Catelono's Pizza and they serve other stuff.
      There is also Harmon's BBQ.They serve brisket,etc. and I had there once a really good smoke catfish.
      OUt near Marion is Goerke's,which has plate lunches,bbq and steaks.
      Have eaten there many times.There are I believe a couple of places in McQueeny which is on FM78 before you cross the Guadalupe River, but that would be too far for lunch, unless it was a special occassion.
      Also in Converse is BaySeas which is mainly fish stuff,and a mexican restaurant or two.
      There is also Papa Dante's,which has been there for years and has a branch Little Dante in Universal City.
      Not sure what else Converse has except some fast food places.
      Most of what I have listed aren't too expensive,and are what you would consider as roadfood,more mom and pop places.
      I forgot to mention,also in Schertz there is Pazzo's (mainly italian) and Aw Dang which is Chinese and i think they have some other stuff.Both are in the plaza with Longshot's Sports Bar on the I-35 access as you head towards San Antonio.Go 3009 and cross over I-35 and turn to the left to head south,.You will pass Jack In the Box, Denny's
      and several places on your right hand side.Just look for the signs.
      There is also a chinese restaurant on FM78 named Kowloon's
      and Loretta's Finest in the old Smoke Pit building .Loretta serves healthy soul food,
      and is on your right hand side right by the light in a red metal building. It's right where Schertz Parkway hits 78.
      There is also the VFW in Schertz which offers lunch,pretty good and cheap.
      Also on Schertz parkway is Big Daddy's which is a sports bar but serves pizza and maybe sandwiches.
      There is a new mexican place called Agave mexican Cafe that is going to be in the same little shopping center as Big Daddy's.
      I hope this helps.
      There are a few places in Live Oak to eat like Denny's and the chain stuff in the Forum.Louie Ledeux is seafood,but I don't think it's a chain.There is also Biff Buzby's
      which is near the hospital on Topperwein that has good burgers and other stuff.I think people still bring their classic cars there on Sat.nights,or at least they used to.

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      1. re: HollyDolly


        Wow, I just tok a little drive down Pat Booker and was getting ready to ask some specific questions, and found this amazing list of non-chain lunch places in North SA!!! Thank you so much!

        I would love to hear a little more about your impressions of the ones you listed on Pat Booker. I will start trying them out and posting as soon as I start the new job. Also, any knowledge of Tabares Philippine Market, Deep Blue Sea, or May Jane's Cafe?

        Thanks again!

        1. re: televiking

          Been awhile since I have eaten at Mary Jane's Cafe,but the food seemed pretty good or was. The Tabares Phillipine Market,is that in the old Richter's Cafe behind Taco Cabana? If so it just opend.
          Where in the world is Deep Blue Sea on PatBooker ? Never heard of it,again it must be new to the area.Where exactly is it?
          Glad you enjoyed the rundown on places to eat.

        2. re: HollyDolly

          Thank you so much, HollyDolly - I replied before but for some reason it hasn't shown up. This is an excellent overview of non-chain places in North SA...can't wait to get busy!

        3. For some reason in my intial searching, I overlooked this thread: - as I now search on individual restaurants I just saw, it came up.

          BTW - Youz Guys Philly cheesesteaks had two boxes of Amoroso rolls sitting in front of its closed door this AM...a ver good sign...

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          1. re: televiking

            Youz Guys was great. I mean, I had a Pat's steak in Philly a little over a month ago, and this compared very, very favorably. Amoroso rolls were perfect - yeasty, pliable yet up to the challenge of the fillings. I got a cheesesteak with provolone and cooked onions, and it was huge, greasy, delicious, and (although this may or may not be important) very authentic. Beef was thin, well griddled and chopped up for easier eating. Cheese was tasty, real, melty and wonderful - a few herbs and spices kicked everything into high gear. Friendly, cool little place, and reasonable...the enormous sandwich was $6.00. I got fries with Old Bay sprinkled on them, unremarkable, really, but I had no business eating fries with this gut-buster. It was good enough to have me thinking about my next visit, but I want to explore some more, and this kind of thing HAS to be a periodic indulgence! Yay for Universal City!

            1. re: televiking

              I know this is an old thread, but I made a trek to Youz Guyz today (20+ miles out of my way) and I agree that this is the real deal ( I grew up in Philly).

              1. re: saeyedoc

                Saeyedoc, glad you liked Youz Guys.
                There was a Joe's Italian Grill up on Pat Booker where they old H.E.B. used to be, but it is closed. Papa Dante closed their little Dante next to the Valero. It's now a Big Pappa Pizzas.They still have the one in Schertz. I think the Agave place next to them in Schertz is also closed.
                The mexican restaurant next to Papa John's on 3009 in Schertz is called El Jalisco. Still haven't found Deep Blue Sea or the phillipines market. Might have to google the name.
                Also on FM78, where the old Pizza Hut used to be, is BJ's,they serve burgers, breakfast tacos, mexican food,etc.but I haven't tried it yet.
                The China Orchid Buffet in the Forum at Olympia Hills off of I-35 North is closed. According to the notice on the door, they hadn't apparently been paying the rent.

              2. re: televiking

                Youz Guyz is AWESOME!! Just ate there last night and it was not ya run of the mill Cheese steak I tell you! It was well worth the trip :-)

                1. re: SaTownHoney

                  Glad you liked it. I had something from there once and it was pretty good.
                  The Tabares Phillipine Market is in the same plaza as Polly's pets. They have a website and do serve food. I'll have to check it out sometime.