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Jul 22, 2008 07:52 PM

Yucateco Updates

Hey Guys returning for 4 days next week and I need to get my Yucateco food fix. Has anything changed - any new restaurants? What do you get where?


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  1. I read that Yucateco no longer has the Vietnamese side of the menu.

    The Sentinel (from the guy who has Canteen) has a new informal take-out breakfast/lunch place across from the Palace Hotel that has been getting raves.

    There is a new cold-cut / sausage joint at Ferry Plaza - Boccalone. I'm a little leary still despite the universal love ... however, I'm not such a Fatted Calf or upscale cold cut fan ... so you might read a ton of other positive reports. One thing that does interest me is that the kitchen is where a former long-time linguica maker was headquartered. Long-ago reports said they purchased the recipe. Haven't seen anything about the linguica on the website or in reports.

    I forget your non-dive preferences, but you might check out Orson, especially at happy hour. It is, as the website puts it ""

    It is little plates ... they play with the food ... I love it. I had an amazing lengua that was better than any I've ever had. Tommorrow they are having a Tequila & Corn Cocktail Dinner, so some of that might linger into next week.

    There was just a recent positive post about their three-course pork tasting menu.

    And for five bucks at happy hour they make one lovely margarita.

    If you are going to be in-transit between SF and Santa Rosa, you might check out Murray Circle in Sausalito on the drive up or back ... tres pricy but lovely and one of the best croissants I have ever had in my life. The burger is supposed to be good too, but haven't tried that. The bar is casual and not as pricy.

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      Yucatasia had already dropped the Vietnamese food when kare raisu et al were there in December.

    2. The two new spots on my Yucateco radar to try are

      Cilantro Mexican Grill, (will be adding cochinita pibil to the menu


      Haven't been back to Comida Yucatan y City Pizza since our December chow-a-thon.

      1. I really like the Yucatecan (if that is a word) offerings at El Maya Yucatan on 16th near Mission.

        El Maya Yucatan
        2022 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I really like their salbute and panucho. Very crisp and refreshing.


          Seems like a page book out of our epic yucatec crawl [entomotado mention even]

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          1. re: kare_raisu

            And once again El Maya is ignored.

          2. I'll add my vote for El Maya Yucatan, not that it's new.

            I did grab a couple of panuchos at Oxkutzcab the other day, and it won't make me forget El Maya or Yucatasia. The toppings were generous (see below), but the ingredients tired and on the bland side. Even the pickled onions lacked zing. The tortillas were griddled unevenly (or maybe dried out to start) -- too hard on one edge, soggy on the other. They even managed to screw up a simple order. I asked for one pork and one beef, and the proprietor clearly repeated my order back to me, but I ended up being served one chicken and one beef.

            637 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA