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Jul 22, 2008 06:30 PM

anybody remember Gnocci?

..the of South St..on Passyunk i think.

I fondly remember a few good meals there a number of years back.

Still there? still good?

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  1. STill there - I didn't like it when they first opened and never returned (service not food)

    1. Still there. Still fab - I adore those lovely, plump, rib-sticking but never too dense pillows of dough. I've never had the service problem that Bigley9 experienced, so I'm always willing to visit on the rare ocassion when I'm in that area.

      1. Still there. Well above average Italian BYOB. Their prix fix dinner is a good deal especially if you get the veal chop. We go about twice a year and services is always fine.

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          Food and service terrible, and I have given it several tries. Now will NEVER go back. During last visit, server cleared dinner plates and never came back. About half an hour later, her colleague (a different server) arrived with the check. We wanted coffee and dessert. Server visibly pissed off. I ordered a decaf and was told it had just been dumped out. I (very pleasantly) asked her to make a new pot. Got attitude. A minute later, original server shows up with a cup of REGULAR coffee, which I watched her pour from across the room. She tells me it's decaf. No, the restaurant was not closed, we were not camping, and we were not the only customers there. The place sucks.