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Jul 22, 2008 06:16 PM

Boston fin fish

Coming from the NW and loving seafood, I've been excited to try NE varieties such as swordfish, bluefish, and more locally, scrod (I understand this can be anything). Are there any varieties I'm missing? I'm allergic to shellfish. Where are the best preparations? The Daily Catch and Trattoria Toscana way overcooked the swordfish I ordered from them, Petit Robert did much better. Due to food limitatons I can't try PR's bluefish offering. I feel like I should make a visit to Durgin Park while I'm here - should I try their scrod?

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  1. For some ideas on what’s available that’s most popular, scroll to galleygirl’s Fish Lady post:

    and to see what’s actually being caught and sold:

    1. If PR has a bluefish offering with something that offends thee, ask them to pluck it out! I do stuff like that all the time with chefs who insist on adding bacon or some such nonsense to perfectly good fish...If you see bluefish anywhere, get it, because it seems superb right now..
      I have, in the past, gotten good bluefish at Skipjack's, a place that I normally wouldn't recommend. Best thing for fish is to get whatever the restaurant is featuring as a special; harder to go wrong that way..
      I've had good fish specials at Lineage in Brookline.
      Also, the best tuna dish in the entire world is the Black and Blue peppered tuna at East Coast Grill. Don't miss it.

      1. Bluefish is a great fish that doesn't travel well... eat it while you are here. A few places make smoked bluefish spreads that can tide you over if you become addicted. Striped Bass is less unique, but much more popular, and should be locally sourced this time of year. Most swordfish is frozen at sea (which markedly improves food safety) - it is not my favorite fish to order out, as the risk of overcooking is great. It is also overfished, but so is virtually everything these days. At risk of lynching, I will say that legals sea food has bluefish on their regular menu and they do an OK job - will certainly adapt to your dietary needs.

        1. I know Legal Seafood isn't everyone's favorite place, but they do a really nice bluefish with mustard sauce (though I like to get the sauce on the side). And if you're wanting to cook some up yourself, I've found Whole Foods to have very consistent and fresh bluefish.

          As to striped bass (as tdaaa mentioned), I do believe that Cambridge Brewing Company's annual Striped Bass Festival is this Saturday from 5-11p. They brew up a bunch of beers specifically to complement the chef's striped bass menu. We've been in past years and have had a great time. I haven't loved the menu revisions at CBC generally over the last year, but the striped bass fest is pretty consistent in its goodness. They even usually have a grill set up outside on the patio. If you're interested, a resv is recommended.

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            Wow, that Striped Bass festival sounds great; may have to go!
            I've had Legal's bluefish with mustard; excellent....IF it is cooked by a chef that knows how....Sadly,not every Legal has a chef that knows how to cook fish...It's so sad...

            1. re: tdaaa

              Well, like I said, they don't all know how to cook the fish they have...
              To add a little conyent here, Twitch may want to surf the photo galleries on
              A lot of them are showcasing some gorgeous halibut, or fin fish dishes in general.