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Jul 22, 2008 06:14 PM

It ( RW) has begun....

Got a mailer today for this Fall's Restaurant Week. Go to the Center City site and menus are already up. Great additions to this years lineup include Chima, Table 31, and Tinto. Already made my Tinto res.

I know some people don't like RW, but being a frugal college student, it is one of my fav. times of the year.

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  1. What is the Center City site? (new to Philly)

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    1. re: BabyFood

      It's this one:

      To the OP: With most folks around here having made the restaurant rounds, I think there's a feeling of there having no sense in revisiting a restaurant during a week when service might not be the best (not necessarily the fault of anyone so much as it just being extremely busy and things lag behind) . At $35, after tax, tip, and alcohol, we're looking at around $65, so the cost savings isn't high on most of the restaurants on the list, especially if not everyone goes out and orders a 3-course meal. For example, at Matyson (which used to do RW), I can only ever finish the main and get the dessert simply because I feel I must, which ends up either close to or below the RW price depending on what's ordered.

      1. Thanks for posting this. I'm making my reservation for Alma de Cuba!

        1. The reason I don't like it is that at 90% of the places, with the special menu and portions they serve, $35 is not much of a deal. A frugal college student would usually be better off just going any old time and ordering carefully. Tinto, for example, offers you your choice (from a limited menu) of 5 courses. Looking at their regular menu, and assuming that the portions they serve during RW are the same as their normal service, you save maybe $5-$10 on your meal, depending on what you order. That is a bit of a deal, but not much once you add in wine, tax, and tip. Last time I went to a place during RW there were a handful of places offering their full menu, with no restrictions on what you can order, those are the only ones I'd go to (if anyone is doing that this year).

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          1. re: Buckethead

            You have to factor in:

            Overall atmosphere
            Quality of service
            Quality of food
            Portion size
            What the menu is for RW

            These factors keep declining as RW continues. As RW caught on, the quality decreased while the price increased. MOST people (who don't normally come into the city for dinner except RW) don't notice, hence the popularity continues.

            I'm not sure if there is a good deal left, especially considering that most of the restaurants offer a comperable deal all year round without the crowds.

            1. re: saturninus

              $35 still seems like a good value to me as restaurant prices in general have most of these restaurants the entrees alone are priced in the range of $30-$35; for the fixed price of $35 you are getting 3 courses, for which you might otherwise pay $50 and up.

              1. re: rocknroll52

                I just scanned through the list, and I don't see a single restaurant listed who has an entree for $30 or more. Perhaps one or two have a $30 on their menu, but it would never be featured during RW.

                1. re: saturninus

                  You may be right about the entree prices, although I'm pretty sure that at Alma De Cuba, where I'm planning to go, the prices range $20 to $35 and the average entree is mid to high $20s.. However, even if you consider appetizer priced at $10 and entree at $25, it is still like getting the dessert for free! I've never been to RW so I'm anxious to experience it myself. It happens to fall on a night when we are otherwise planning to go out so its not a special trip for us.

                  1. re: rocknroll52

                    The same is true for us. We were planning to take a trip downtown anyway.

            2. re: Buckethead

              I totally understand. I have a little rule where I won't go to a place for the new $35 RW if they don't offer 4 courses. Palace at the Ben is by FAR the best deal, 4 courses a bread and an accomp. And they are offering pretty much the whole menu. I want to get to Susanna Foo, is that a good deal?

              1. re: Gorp512

                Susanna Foo, besides not getting the best reviews in these parts in the recent past, generally have very unexciting RW offerings (doesn't look like it's different this time around) that according to folks I know who've been in the past, are good but not worth the money. In short, not a bad meal but there are better ways to spend your money.

                And is Palace at the Ben really that good a deal? I mean, that is a lot of food, but the place isn't that expensive to begin with ...

                1. re: Ali

                  Palace is a good deal, imo. If you made these selections you would be making out fairly well.

                  Chicken Tikka- 9.95
                  Shahi Murge Shorbe- 6.95
                  Aloo Paratha-3.50
                  Lamb Biryani- 21.00
                  Mango Chutney- 2.50
                  Dessert- ( no prices listed) but for sake of the pricing I will list it at a modest 5.00

                  Thats $48.19 value for 35. I'll take that. I agree that some places aren't worth it, but for this much food and for once a year, you can't really beat it at Palace. And I did the same thing with Susanna Foo and you obviously get less food, but you save around 8 dollars a person, which basically makes up for alot of the tip. Not the best deal, but not terrible.

            3. Am I the only one that spotted Lacroix on the list?

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              1. re: amycakes

                Nope. I already have my reservation!

              2. Just a heads up about Lacroix. They don't offer anything close to their regular menu. From what I understand, it is a glorified bar menu. Please let me know how it is though, I'm sure it good, but I don't know what they offer. Report back.

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