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Pizzeria Bianco - Obnoxious!

I really think that Pizzeria Bianco's success has gone to its head. Why be nice to the customer when you have a perpetual four hour wait? Here's a summary of my phone call to make reservations:

Me: I'd like to make reservations for a party of 6 on September 20th.
Woman on Phone: We aren't taking reservations for the next month.
Me: Right, I'm talking about September.
Woman on Phone: We're closed for the first two weeks of September.
Me: Okay, September 20th is after the first two weeks.
Woman on Phone: I don't know when we will take reservations for then.
Me: Well, can you find out.

Then she hung up on me.

Unbelievable, and totally insulting. Chris Bianco should be ashamed. I'll spend my money elsewhere.

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    1. Have you considered calling and asking for a manager to complain to? He seems like the kind of chef/restaurant owner that would be as appalled as you are. One of my pet peeves when I'm working in a restaurant is when I read a review of my restaurant and the person says they got terrible service, which then gives a bad name to me as a server because of lazy or incompetent coworkers. I'd like this person outed if I worked at Pizzeria Bianco...

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        That's a really good point, waitress, and definitely food for thought. Everything I've heard about Chris Bianco (never having met him) is that you're right- he would be pretty upset to know that an employee is acting that way. He may not know who it was specifically at that time on that day, but he can keep an eye out for it.

      2. Left a message for Chris. Never heard back. Oh well....there are other options and I'm sure there are lots of other parties of six to fill the space we would have taken.

        1. I'm not going to let CB off the hook because ultimately its his place, but I've also found the snooty/dumb host at many other places. On the one hand, you want to forgive the owners because finding decent help is hard. On the other hand, where do they find people who act as though it's a chore to fit you in when the place is 20% full? A place with bad front line folks is akin to a place with no bathroom cleaners. The wait staff and food might be incredible, but the team includes the whole experience.

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            We've never had bad service at PB. A little slow sometime, but always great service and obviously amazing food.

            I met the owner at Pane Bianco on Central (my favorite sandwich in Phoenix), and he was EXTREMELY nice. We actually just had a nice conversation about the weather and the light rail project and didn't say who he was. A couple customers later told me, the guy couldn't have been nicer.

            Hopefully they get this resolved for you, I'd probably be put off as well. There is always Cibo not too far away!

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              Yeah I definitely wouldn't think that behavior was CB sanctioned. He seems like he's always focused & working - he's the guy cranking out the product, not hanging around posing, posturing or anything. Got to have his hands busy doing the work. Seems totally inconsistent with the better than thou attitude. He's always been super nice when we've run into him as well (Pane, farmer's market, etc.).

              That being said, I think he's so focused on his product that he could let other pieces of his operations run off on their own & develop their own personalities. Hopefully he'll get wind of the post & take a look at things & make sure the whole house is reflecting his point of view.

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                Considering the OVERWHELMING positive replies to the OP, seems like ejs1492 is being a little harsh. Lighten up and give PB another try....JMHO

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                  Read back on his experience again and put yourself in his situation. I understand that many people have had positive things to say about the place, but if you take his story in it's own context I don't think it's unreasonable to have negative feedback.

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                    It is not at all unreasonable to have neg. feedback, so would I. My point is that everyone makes a mistake now and then and that maybe the OP should cut PB a little slack since their mistakes appear to be few nd far between. Like I said, JMHO.

            2. That is really interesting. My husband and I were just there last week, and actually had a conversation with the hostess regarding reservations for that very same night (it's my birthday). We were told they begin taking reservations a month before the date (so to call on August 20), and that they would be closed the last week of August and the first week of September. They couldn't have been nicer about it, but then again we were there in person.

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                I wonder how much this has to do with the harsh treatment over the phone. It doesn't justify anything, but that's one possibility.

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                  Sometimes people just have bad days -- including hostesses.

                  Is it excusable? Hardly. But is it perhaps an explanation? Perhaps.

              2. Hey folks, I call it like I see it. And I gave them a chance to remedy the situation (simply letting me know when they would accept reservations would have been a suitable remedy in my opinion) but they never returned the message I left.

                You're certainly entitled to think I am being overly harsh, but I think it's easy to say that when you weren't the one dealing with Ms. Attitude on the phone.

                There are lots of choices out there. Jcoz's post makes my point eloquently: he/she was told that they were closed the last week of August and the first week of September. I was told they were closed the first two weeks of September and they couldn't tell me when they would accept reservations. Clearly the chef knows what he's doing, but the folks in the front of the house don't.....or they had the B-team the night that I called. I agree that everyone has bad days...but the person on the phone is the first impression and should be at the same level of excellence as the rest of the team.

                Just my $0.02....take it or leave it.

                1. As has been mentioned in many threads, the "front of the house," can make, or break a diner's experience. Every restauranteur needs to be aware of this. It is about service - not an attitude.

                  Bianco's seems to run a tight and good ship. This should not be allowed.

                  I expect to find this attitude in N. Scottsdale "hip spots," not PB's.

                  Glad you posted,