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Jul 22, 2008 05:46 PM

Romantic Thai??

Looking for a good ambience and trendy thai restauraunt. Of course the food has to be good or decent... I heard of Rambutan but the food is horrible... Any one know of a good place PLZ help...Its going to be a birthday party and the gonna be about 20 ppl.

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  1. Go checkout Siam Cabin on Ventura in Sherman Oaks. High end food, healthy prices, good wine list and some real live ambience.

    1. There's Lannathai on Van Nuys just north of Ventura. It has an actual swimming pool in the restaurant. I haven't eaten there in years but the food was decent then.

        1. Chan Dara on Larchmont has nice outdoor seating that can seat your party. It's definitely trendy, but the food is very americanized if that's alright with you.

            1. re: jerry200

              Talesai is a trendy sort of place that is usually more than half empty if not more than half empty. Food is good but not outstanding. The Sunset Blvd. operation is far superior. Great wine list. Expensive for what you get. I rather would pay the upcharge at Siam Cabin with their ambience and great winelist than go to Talesai. Lannathai is also a nice looking restaurant with reasonably good food and not too overpriced. You just have to like 3 to 4 televisions blaring at you. I find that alittle less than romantic.