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Jul 22, 2008 04:22 PM

Eating alone in NYC - Man - Martini's?

I will be eating alone on a Tuesday night next week and would like recommendations for a fun / cool scene that has great food and great martini's. I love eating at the Bar and looking for more of an old-school place. I am staying in Tribeca / Soho but could go anywhere I suppose. Thanks !

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    For great martinis near to you, I'd check out B Flat, Tailor, Pegu Club or Brandy Library. Pegu Club and Tailor both have food.

    1. the bar at gramercy tavern should do the trick. barkeep makes good martini and the food is exceptional. people watching there can be a hoot. aim for a seat at the left-hand side as you face the bar. you can bring a paper or book if you want but chances are better than even you'll be chatting up the staff if that's your thing.

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        Right on.....that sounds perfect. I love people watching, martinis, good food and chatting up the staff.

      2. The Bull & Bear def. fits the bill.
        Mercer Kitchen.

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        1. If your looking for an old school place, I would go to Fanelli Cafe, Prince at Mercer in SoHo.

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          1. Quality Meats has a nice, lively bar area, and even has a separate bar for eating at.

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