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Jul 22, 2008 04:22 PM

ISO of Clover-made Coffee in LA/OC


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  1. In the Los Angeles area, they have Clover coffee at Intelligentsia and LA Mill, both of which have been commented upon many times on this board.

    1. I had heard Starbuck's bought the Clover Co., if so do any of the Starbucks have the machine?

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      1. re: Burger Boy

        They converted the Clovers to make banana-chocolate Viviannos.


        Seriously, I think they said they were going to keep the "brands" separate. Can you see SB putting in a machine that makes only one cup at a time?

        The Clover website also lists:

        Cafe Corsa
        2238 S. Figueroa
        Los Angeles, CA 90017

        I could've sworn I read that the Groundworks chain was going to be installing Clovers, but there's nothing on either website (maybe they don't want to be associated with SB!)

        1. re: maxzook

          I was right that Gropundword no longer has Clover machines. Evidentally Starbucks stopped selling new Clovers after they bought the vcompany:

          1. re: maxzook

            So, did they buy the company just to shut it down, so that nobody can make a better cup of coffee?

        1. Because Starbux bought the Clover machine, many places, Groundworks among them, have removed them from their stores as they do not want to be associated with anything Starbux-related.

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          1. re: carter

            There is a detailed and lengthy article in this month's issue of WIRED magazine about this very subject.

            The best cup of coffee I ever tasted came from the Clover machine at Groundwork downtown, using an Esmeralda Special coffee. The Clover is an amazing machine, but only if an extraordinary coffee is used. The article in WIRED concludes that Starbuck's is not be able to offer really fresh and extraordinary coffee to their customers as they are presently set up. Perhaps they will modify their purchasing program for their Clovers...time will tell.

            1. re: liu

              Yes, I am really disappointed that Groundworks sold their clover back to Starbucks, out of disgust. Groundworks has such an incredible selection of coffee beans.

              LA Mill bought about a dozen Clovers just before Starbucks took over, and trained their own staff to repair them. They've also painted the ones that they have out, the same color as the red walls.

              What good could Starbucks do with the Clover??

          2. Kafe Neo has one in Long Beach. I have tried three different beans brewed with it and they were all fantastic in their own ways. I never thought I would describe a coffee as fruity.

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            1. re: scottyp34

              I also have tried several different coffees from the Clover machine and tasted "flavors" that I had never experienced in any coffees before. I attribute this both to the exceptional beans and to the miracle machine.