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Jul 22, 2008 03:18 PM

Decent pizza stand-in for 2 Amys in Arlington?

2 Amys, in DC by the National Cathedral, has the best pizza I've found anywhere. Hands down. But my girlfriend and I hardly ever wander into town lately, and I'm feeling deprived. Does anyone know of a good wood-fired/artisinal pizza joint in Arlington that can fill my craving between pilgrimages?

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  1. I'd eat at Faccia Luna or Bebo Trattoria. Not sure how they compare with 2 Amys since I haven't been there. A word of caution on Bebo, the service can suck mightily. They're not rude, just inept.

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      I've never been to 2 Amys either, but I would suggest Pie-tanza for a good wood-fired pizza. It's in the Lee-Harrison shopping strip, not surprisingly at the intersection of Lee Highway and Harrison St. It can be a bit noisy with all the kids there but it's very good pizza.

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        I'll second Pie-Tanza. Used to be great before they expanded into Falls Church and changed the menu a bit. Still, the best in NoVa and very delicious.

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          third pie-tanza. go earlier or later to avoid the kids with families. good service, and other pastas are good, too. pizza toppings are fresh, fresh, fresh. also, they slow roast their own tomatoes, so the toppings and sauces are terrific. ask for extra parmesan for your pizza; they'll bring it over, fresh-grated.

          washpo article about the business:

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        I like Faccia Luna, too. Pizza Paradiso's sort of a compromise, distance-wise, between Arlington and Two Amys.

      3. I haven't had it, but Liberty Tavern in Clarendon is supposed to have pretty good pizza. Piola in Rosslyn isn't bad either.

        1. Liberty Tavern has great non-traditional pizza, at least the Vermont, good crust, nice good quality toppings.

          What about Sette Bello? Thin crust, good toppings. I haven't been to Bebo because of the service, but if it has gotten better, I would think it would probably be the best.

          I think Bebo or Sette Bello is your best bet.

          I really think the best pizza is at the Pupatella food cart in Ballston, but that is only weekdays, during the day with no seats, just the park.

          I find Faccia Luna really salty. Haven't been to Piezana, but may have to try it now.

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            Faccia Luna isn't any more salty than Bebo or Pizza Paradiso as far as I can tell. And Bebo's service isn't good, as of a month ago. Some suggests sitting at the bar will get you decent service. Church St. Pizza has good NYC by the slice type pizza, i.e., put some toppings on and then reheat. Big slices with generous toppings, crust that you can fold in half without snapping and dripping with grease. A slice with sausage and onions is $2.25, large salad is $3.99. To be honest, I don't even like typical NY pizza that you get from Ray's, Ben's, Two Boots to Go Go, etc. the usual suspects in the village.

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              Where is Church St. Pizza? Address, neighborhood....thanks

          2. What's the place in Burke. Bella ____

            It's got a wood fired pizza that's pretty good. Better since you have to trek to Burke for it.

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            1. I second this, the primary pizza maker at Bebo now is "George" while Roberto is in Oregon..he is very good, if no Roberto, and produces a top notch pie at least as good as Two Amy's...service has improved this summer...

              1. re: Dennis S

                Villa Bella is the name of the place in Burke. Worth giving it a try, and worth it for me to head back there after a hiatus of a couple of years.

              2. I rarely wander into town either, so all I know about 2 Amys is what people write here, and like barbecue, there are those who love it and those who can't figure out why others love it. If it's wood-fired that you're looking for first, I'm pretty sure that both locations of Pie-Tanza cook with wood. The original is in the shopping center at Lee Highway and Harrison Street (anchored by Harris-Teeter), and now there's a new branch in Falls Church on Broad Street at the west end, near Haycock Rd (anchored by Giant and Staples).

                From the descriptions of 2 Amys, I'd guess that Pie-Tanza is pretty similar in principle - crust a bit thin and crispy but not like a cracker, lots of vegetable combinations for toppings. Pizzas are reasonably sized for two, particularly if you share a salad.