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Jul 22, 2008 03:00 PM

fine dining weekend lunch in sf?

will be visiting for a weekend in august and have saturday lunchtime free. i'd like to hit a top restaurant but am having trouble finding any that are open for lunch. any ideas/suggestions?

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    1. Aqua.

      You might try Open Table.Com for help with reservations.


        1. re: grantham

          Aqua and Perbacco both serve lunch only on weekdays.

        2. What Robert said. I'd hit Slanted Door.

          1. Fine dining lunches in San Francisco are very rare. And finding one on a Saturday is almost impossible. In the wine country, this is different, for instance The French Laundry serves lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Robert's suggestions for Zuni and Slanted Door are about as good as you will find in the city.