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Jul 22, 2008 02:56 PM

Where to find good root beer?

My husband and I are on a root beer kick...the only problem is we're having a hard time finding anything more exotic than a&w and hires at the stores near us (chelsea). anyone have any favorites/suggestions for where to find them?

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  1. Except for some health food stores,specialty sections in places like Whole Foods or Fairway where they carry organic and micro brewed root beer, you might want to ask some of the Amish vendors at the Farmer's Market if they know where to get homemade root/birch beer. Otherwise, it's off to Weber's Drive-In in Pennsauken, NJ near Cherry Hill and Philadelphia..
    r's Drive-In in

    1. Whole Foods has a couple oddball brands I think. Gourmet Garage has Stewart's and a few others. You shouldn't have trouble finding Barq's, and Dutch Penssylvania brand (not sure the exact name but it's in a white or yellow labeled bottle) is easily found at the Associated markets. I've also seen IBC and Virgil's pretty easily. Check Walgreens for their own branded root beer in the glass bottles which is good stuff. You can also do mail order if you really get into it...BevMo chains for example carry a lot of regional brands. I really like Sprecher's root beer but have yet to find it in nyc.

      This might help:

      You can also buy root beer by the keg for parties!

      1. IBC is one of my favorite root beers.

        Surprisingly enough I saw IBC for sale at the KMart in Astor Place.

        Also, the Shake Shake sells Abita and while they only serve it in cups, maybe they'll be kind enough to sell ya some bottles.

        good luck

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          1. Fairway (UWS) has non-traditional sodas near the express checkout, and I think Citarella also carries a few brands. I think I've seen Boylan's at Fairway.

            In case you missed it, the NYT did a long tasting piece about root beer recently. You could try checking the websites/calling the companies listed to find out where they are carried locally: