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Jul 22, 2008 02:54 PM

Takashi or Blackbird?

One night. One great meal. Which one?


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  1. Takashi is really good. Desserts disappointed us.

    I think I would go for Blackbird.

    1. If that is your choice, Blackbird.

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      1. re: wak

        Blackbird. I've eaten at both.

        1. re: ems

          Is Takashi not good? Or is Blackbird just better?

          1. re: topawers

            Blackbird is an outstanding restaurant, run by one of Chicago's top chefs, and has continued to churn out excellent and innovative food for a decade. It's really hard to beat that combo. The only downside for me is that they really cram a lot of people into a small space, but that seems to be an intentional effort since Avec, also run by Paul Kahan, is even more extreme in that regard, and his soon to be opened new gastropub seems to be headed down that same path. But the food at Blackbird is worth rubbing elbows with the neighbors.

            1. re: topawers

              To paraphrase wak and answer your question directly, Takashi is very good and worth trying. At this point, however, for the price point, Blackbird is in a bit of a class of its own.

        2. Blackbird hands down. In fact, Blackbird would win out in just about any head to head matchup in chicago.