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Jul 22, 2008 02:53 PM

Crackers for soup

I prefer oyster crackers in my soup, especially individual small packs, so they don't go stale. Just wondering what others put in their soups.

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  1. I never put crackers "in" soup, but I do serve them along side. Some of my guests will put them in the soup - I guess it's a matter of personal choice. I like to serve a variety of crackers with soup, oyster, rye, sesame seed, wheat, even saltines or "Ritz" style crackers. That way everyone has a choice and, because I usually include something to put on the cracker like a variety of cheeses or spreads, it gives those who choose not to drop them in the soup a wider range of interesting taste experiences.

    1. Growing up, we never usually put the cracker IN the soup. I never did like crispy things to get all soggy like that. But we did eat them alongside (sometimes with butter and jelly- oh baby... that's tasty!) If I give my husband soup with crackers he will instantly throw them in. I usually always have crackers in the house, but rarely oyster crackers. At work one girl puts croutons, or goldfish crackers in her soup- even in her ramen. I can't watch.