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Jul 22, 2008 02:51 PM

Three Days in Kansas City in September

I would appreciate input as to where you would eat in the 3 days we will be in Kansas City. Thanking you in advance.

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        This is my trip report for a weekend I had in KC a few months ago. We mostly focused on new/modern American though we fit in a visit to Jack Stack's for BBQ.

        We had so much fun in KC - the restaurants there are really impressive and we just wished we had more time to get to all the ones we wanted to eat at.

        1. I'm not very good at the links feature but here is a recap of my quick visit in June 2008. I can't get the link but searching the title below should retrieve it. We stayed near Westport so it is centric to that. We also visited D'Bronx branch at Metcalf. I found it ordinary and assume the original is better. I don't remember if I mentioned my lunch at the Mongolian place next to Blue Koi on 39th (same owners) but we ordered off the menu and it was good, big portions. Have fun!

          KC visit round up (long)

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                Just go to that post and click on the address in the window at the top of your browser so that it's highlighted, copy, and then paste in your post. I found it easily by looking at your profile.

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                  Thanks, good to know ~ and embarrassingly enough, one for the duh file!

          1. If you happen to be in town between Sept 19-21 you could check out the Plaza Art Fair on the Country Club Plaza in KC, MO. It is a great time to be in KC, the weather is usually awesome and there are great foodie treats.

            Otherwise, the usual rec for a great dining experience is Bluestem.

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              You should check out Delaware Cafe in the River Market. It is becoming one of my favorites. Also check out Michael Smith's in the CrossRoad and of course Bluestem.