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Jul 22, 2008 02:18 PM

First time to Vegas - Planning my restaurants!

I'm a big foodie! Culinary trained as well and to boot I am heading to Las Vegas for the first time on August 29th for 8 days (leaving next Sat the 6th, so that is a travel day doesn't count)

I am so excited because I hear it's just a constant stream of lights and excitement.

I am overwhelmed at how many great restaurants I can get to and plan on it. I'm bringing my girlfriend who isn't too dangerous on trying new things at restaurants but still likes the nice places like I do.

So far we only plan to do the Trek place, Grand Canyon tour on Monday and a Cirque show on Wed (O). I still want to check out Carrot Top's comedy show as well as Copperfield or Penn and Teller plus maybe another Cirque show? So we'll have to work those in I suppose.

Anyways, do you approve of this list?

Friday (we arrive 10am) - Eiffel Tower restaurant. Nice view, good quality food so I hear. Figured the best place to start off. I plan on reserving a window near the Bellagio fountains. We'll probably spend this day just walking the Strip and taking it all in.

Saturday - I'm a bit of a closet Trekkie and since it's closing on the 1st, I have to get to it. So that will be our Saturday plan. I'm staying in the Hilton so it won't be too far. Do the Trek stuff for a couple hours, hit Quark's for some silly mishapen food and crazy drinks. Might need a late night idea for a restaurant or buffet as I hear the Trek stuff only takes a couple hours.

Sunday - Finally a good restaurant! We are going to head up B & B at the Venetian. Nothing major planned. Probably check out a show or two.

Monday - Entire day is devoted to the Grand Canyon bus tour. We leave our hotel at 7am and get back at 9pm. I figure we'll be too tired to wine and dine, so we are thinking about hitting up some local fast food place to get a greasy fix. Any suggestions?

Tuesday - Currently sitting at checking out Okada. We loved vegetable/chicken sushi. I think this place will finally get me to go all out and try raw fish variations. It's the best right?

Wednesday - So far our only busy day planned on the Strip. Reserved Delmonicos for 7pm and the Cirque show 'O' for 10:30pm. Should be great!

Thursday - Spice Market Buffet - We have to at least have one day where we try the famous LV buffets. I figure this gets the most sounding approval.

Friday - Nothing planned, but it is our last night, so any romantic gourmet suggestions? Craftsteak?

Saturday - We leave 1pm!

Others - I plan to get to Bouchon at least once for breakfast, possible more

Recommend me any restaurants, do you think I should change any? Should I take into consideration your favourite show?
We are Canadian, so we don't get to check out a lot of the famous US restaurants that often.

Super excited, cannot wait to go!

So suggestions, suggestions!

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  1. Bad news! Thing ain't what they used to be!

    And neither are Bouchon or B&B or Delmonicos. T
    he Eiffel Tower has a nice view but the food is profoundly mediocre. There are NO good restaurants at the LV Hilton. You're going to waste a lot of money at these places.

    If you want steak on the strip: it's either Cut or Craftsteak. If you want charm and good food, go to Mon Ami Gabi not Eiffel Tower, and you get the same view if you get a table on the terrace. If you want great Thai food go to Lotus of Siam (which has been overcovered on this board). If you want really great food, travel 25 minutes to Vinter's Grill in Summerlin. If you have money to burn, go to Joel Robuchon or Guy Savoy. If you want good food at a little less cost, go to Bradley Ogden or Spago (now that they have a new chef). If you want Asian food, go to Las Vegas' Chinatown (yes there is one).

    There is outstanding food in Las Vegas, it's just not always where you think it is. And don't get me started on hamburgers: oh my, there are many good choices!

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    1. re: jjo1953

      I see many many great reviews for B&B, and Delmonicos. I'm going to those 2 for sure. I can't wait for the pasta tasting menu at B&B.

      I hear so many great things about Craftsteak, I think I may put that as the last night's dinner. A great way to end our trip.

      What about fast food? What are some really good places?

      How about generally good food with interesting theme/fun restaurants? I don't mind restaurants like Rainforest Cafe because the food is generally pretty good and the atmosphere is fun and unique.
      I'm sure Vegas is stoked full of these types of places

      1. re: mcorway

        RE: B&B...they are notorious for oversalting their food. One time we pointed that fact out to the waiter, and he came back and said "that's the way we do it here!"....I've been 3 times but will not return.
        Delmonico's which is right across the hall from B&B is a better overall dining experience, but it is not the best steakhouse in LV, not even the second best.

        1. re: mcorway

          Rainforest Cafe, ewww, expensive and ordinary food, not a foodie place by any stretch of the imagination. Mon Ami Gabi is alway great, lunch or dinner. Try to see Love at the Mirage for your other Cirque show, it's the best! I live here.

          1. re: mcorway

            i don't know if you'd consider it fast food but the taqueria inside the shops at venetian is really good. so is enoteca san marco.
            we had great steak at delmonicos
            there's also a burger place right across street from venetian at fashion show mall- can't recall name- but it was good. so is cafe baba reba in that mall

          2. re: jjo1953

            OK. I'll bite. Good burgers - do tell. What about Pink's or Nathan's Hot Dogs?
            We were thinking of Tintoretto for a light snack.

            1. re: itryalot

              Burgers: the perfect food, and Las Vegas doesn't disappoint here either.
              I have been doing a personal survey of Vegas burgers for some time now. Here are some notes:

              Burger Bar at Mandalay: good angus and kobe burgers with a large variety of combinations and additions. Expect to wait for a table, unless you sit at the bar, and then you might have to wait too. Personally, I think BB has gone downhill.
              Stipburger: stay away...mediocre fare.
              BLT Burger at Mirage: a clone of Burger Bar...might be good one day....just opened and has many kinks to work out.
              Burger Brasserie at Paris: merde.
              Daniel Boulud: the foie gras burger worth the experience but get a side order of Lipitor with it.
              Red Robin: off-strip but very good.
              Kilroy's: way off-strip and also very good.

              BEST FAST FOOD BURGERS: Inn & Out and Fatburger in that order.
              BEST CASINO BURGER: Bradley Ogden. One group of 8 diners loved it so much, they had it for dessert after a multi-coursed meal.
              BEST OFF-STRIP BURGER: Kobe burger at Burger Stop on Eastern. Great burger and only costs about $7! Where in this great country can you get a Kobe burger for less than $7!?

              1. re: jjo1953

                Thanks. Will have to look up Burger Stop.

                1. re: itryalot

                  Sorry but we stopped at Burger Stop and , well...very disappointed. The burger was good (not great or worth going out of the way for), but we didnt' like the way the bottom bun was soaked in grease. And the fries are an inedible mess, undercooked shoestrings just swimming in grease and I do mean swimming. . They'd be better off serving potato chips.

                  I'd vote for splitting a burger at Burger Bar in the Mandalay Place, then going next door to Chocolate Swan for some frozen custard and some candies-to-go, or a peanut butter fudge layer bar.

                  1. re: jillso

                    Thats good to know. We definitely do not was greasy. What about In - N-Out then?
                    Any place that serves burgers earlier in the day?

                2. re: jjo1953

                  What about Pinks or Nathans for dogs?

                  1. re: itryalot

                    I lived in LA for 2 decades and went to Pinks all the time. Pinks in Vegas is not the same and not worth it. Nathan's is a little better. If you're ever in LA, you must go to the original Pinks however.

            2. If Money is no object then I would try either Restaurant Guy Savoy or Restaurant Charlie(Charlie Trotter). These were the absolute best dining experiences of my life! They are also very Romantic places. If these aren' t an option, Bradley Ogden is wonderful. If you can get off the Strip, Rosemary's is a chowhound favorite. Mix at THE Hotel and Alize at the Palms have Beautiful views and great food!