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Jul 22, 2008 02:14 PM

New to Cleveland Park


NYC gal here. Work brings me down to Cleveland Park off and on for the next few months. Will not have car. I also have a place in Silver Spring not far the Glenmount stop of the red line. From Manhattan, so prefer subway.... make that Metro! What's up with it stopping running so early? But thats OT. Any place that I can get to between these two stations is what I am looking for.

Have checked out the board here and there are some fun sounding places. So far I have tried a few places and will post separately on them. Love wine, sushi, Italian, fish. Let me know where I should think about going. Price range up to $50 a person or so. Wouldn't hurt if I can meet a cute guy at the bar as well. Haha!

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  1. I live in Cleveland Park and here is where I go:
    Palena is easily the best restaurant in the neighborhood, and one of the top places in the city. Vace (take out only) is the best pizza of it's type around. I recommend that even New Yorkers give it a shot. Nam Viet is pretty good but the service can be awfully frustrating. Indique is solid for curries, but nothing special. Good luck with the bars...

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      In Cleveland Park, Dino (for Italian) and Ardeo (meat, fish, pasta) are also good.
      As for the bars, Bardeo is beside Ardeo... Have fun!

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        Tried Dino for their 25$ wine tasting on Wednesday. Three great reds, all from Montelcino I think. 2 were rosso and one was a merlot blend. I am bad at names! One was so good we bought a bottle for $54 I think it as called Sassetti. I am use to paying a lot more in NYC for wines like that. Nice antipasto plate included: porcini fritatta, 3 kinds of cheese, grilled bread with a sweet & yummy chicken liver spread & crudite with oil & balsamic vinegar. Really fun. Will be back. Almost missed the last Metro to Silver Spring where I am staying at a friends house. I think we closed Dino.

        Had a lunch pizza from Vace, this time a whole pizza: white spinach. Wow, fresh out of the oven, really wonderful. So slices are out and whole pizza is in from Vace.

    2. First on your list should be to check out Palena. If you eat at the bar in their cafe you can keep it under $50 AND try one of the best gourmet burgers in DC..among other wonderful things.

      Also in that neighborhood is Dino for good rustic Italian. I also like Spices for Asian and sushi. They also have a good happy hour deal!

      And for cheap eats there is the local chain California Tortilla. It's a fun burrito/taco restaurant. I'm slightly addicted to their blackened chicken ceasar buritto. Mmmmmmm!!!!

      Ardeo is also good for American cuisine. The last time I was there (for Restaurant Week nonetheless) I had a delicious mussels appetizer.

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        Tried Palena but did not like burger. Too rich. But loved gnocchi & salad.

        Tried Vace. Just a slice. Pepperoni and White Onion. White Onion good, pepperoni OK. Both a little oily but not in a good way oily. May need to try a whole pie to see what its like fresh n hot. Not NYC. Don't want to start a pizza argument.

        Bardeo for wine tonight. reds too warm. Will be back for some food next time

        On list for this week, Spices, Dino, Nam Viet. Also going to try Hank Bar in Dupont.

        1. re: newtoCP

          Def try Hank's...I really enjoy it, especially when I'm in the mood for some of my hometown New England favorites.

          You are a short walk and/or metro ride to Woodley Park, Adams Morgan, and Dupont. If you are interested in any of those areas I'm sure we can help you out.

          1. re: Elyssa

            Don't forget Bethesda (less than 10 minutes by metro). You might like Grapeseed (fun place to eat at the bar, and all the food is paired with a wine). Black's is another place with decent food and lively bar, but I think the best food is Bethesda right now is David Craig. Pretty good sushi at Tako Grill.

          2. re: newtoCP

            You nailed it on Bardeo, reds are served way too warm. A poor effort for a so-called wine bar. Nam Viet might dissapoint. Dino will not - if you like wine (and some pretty good food), that's the spot in Cleveland Park. Seems to get better every time I go.

            1. re: KevinS

              AMEN to that on Bardeo. with all the good wine bars in town, a place that doen'st properly store their wine and keep it at the proper temp is one that doens't deserve our business!!
              As for CP: yanni (greek), palena, dino (italian -- great bar & bartender), nam viet pho, lavandou (french), indique (indian) and a couple of fun irish bars across the street from each other. As Elyssa said, you are really close to Dupont and Adams Morgan, other great restaurant 'hoods.

        2. Vace's Italian sub is pretty good and cheap. I just tried it this past weekend. Get it with hot peppers.

          Try out anything at Fresh Med, especially chicken. It's much better than the Greek Deli.

          Firehook has a spectacular outdoor terrace with real grape vines, but I can't vouch for the sandwiches or salads. Baked goods there are pretty mediocre. Good place for a coffee break.

          If you do go to Nam Viet, avoid the pho. I've had bun there and it was just okay. Others seem to like this place.

          On a not so hot day you should walk up to 2 Amy's on Wisconsin, or down to Open City or Mama Ayesha or Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park. Each is about a 20 minute walk.

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            ..............and also when you're in a walking mood, head north beyond Van Ness to Buck's Fishing and Camping, and Comet Ping Pong on the same block. There's been plenty or argument about these places on this board, but if you're gonna be in town for a few months and want to explore, these are both definitely worth it IMO.

            1. re: Geoff

              or take the L line buses that take you up and down connecticvcut, if you dont feel like walking

          2. I would recommend you try Sorriso for pizza. You can sit at the bar and easily enjoy a glass of wine and a pie. Pietro (the owner, sp?) is actually Italian and his son who runs the kitchen trained it Italy. It's a close to an Italian pizza you can get in Cleveland Park.

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              Sorriso's pizza is flavorless... the crust is like cardboard. Vace's always the better option-- fresh and hot when they are not crushed (as they will sometimes undercook the pies during the dinner rush)

            2. Would agree with all of the other posts. Palena is really the head of the class in this area but Dino is great for wine. And if you are a cute girl, the cute guy could make himself available at the bar!