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Jul 22, 2008 02:03 PM

Sobe restaurant decisions

I will be visiting Sobe in a few weeks and have narrowed it down to a few places for dinner. Hoping to get feedback to make sure I made good decisions and that I am not missing anything.

1. Sardinia (after all the wonderful Chowhound reviews I am very excited!)
2. Altamar/Grillfish for a good casual seafood meal
3. Rosinella
4. Ago
5. Wanted to go to Joe's but just found out they will be closed....any other places in the area that are similar?

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  1. Altamar over Grillfish

    Rosinella is nothing special, merely a good value on lincoln road.

    Ago is overpriced for what it offers but it is good. I would do Osteria del Teatro instead, or even Macalusos.

    There is nothing similar to Joes. It is a miami beach institution. Stone crabs are out of season anyway if you were going for that...

    I would do Talula, Prime 112 (no steak) for your 4&5 and if you want to eat somewhere inexpensive for 3. I would do something like Liberty, El Chalan or Puerto Sagua or even Davids. If you want to spend a bit more, you could do Baires which is better than Liberty.

    To sum up, if I were you I would do these 5.
    1) Sardinia
    2) Alta Mar
    3) Baires
    4) Talula
    5) Osteria - or P112 (no steak) if you don't want italian.

    I would predict that you will like 4 & 5 the best, but they are all very good places

    If you go to osteria, get the lobster pasta (get it with paperdelle). It is the best thing they serve.

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      Great list and advice above! I LOVE the lobster pasta at Osteria del Teatro!!! Always have "happy meals" there no matter what I order.