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Jul 22, 2008 01:56 PM

Restaurants in Altoona and State College

Any reccommendations for dining (B, L, or D) when I visit Altoona and State College on a weekend of a Penn State football game this fall?

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  1. well its going to be tough because of the sheer number of people who travel to State College for games but you do have options. I recommend Faccia Luna on South Atherton street for great pizza and pasta. They have a nice atmosphere with a big wood burning pizza oven in the room and a nice beer selection. Altoona is different though. It is pretty much chain only resto's there.

    Other State College options:

    Champs-sports bar, decent food, good beer selection, great atmosphere
    Alto/Zola/Gamble Mill- same owners, fancy, great food, reservations will be necessary
    Corner Room- right in the center of town is a tradition for a lot of people. If anyone tells you to go to the Diner, don't, it's terrible now.
    Cozy Thai is really great Thai Food in downtown.
    Home Delivery Pizza- great pizza/stromboli's in a nice bar type place.

    all of these are lunch and dinner options. Breakfast, there is only one place to go: The Waffle Shop. Prepare to wait in line with the other hundred thousand people that will be in town. They have three locations in State College: North Atherton, East College Ave, West College Ave.

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      If you're looking for fine dining in Altoona, the Altoona Hotel is fabulous! They've been under new mgmt for sometime now. Great wine selection. I believe they offer over 25 wines by the glass. Same owner as the Knickbocker around the corner. The Knickerbocker is a more casual bar/restaurant with great wings, hummus, salads, and a good Sunday brunch. I love their outdoor seating.

    2. Altoona: Finelli's Italian Villa. Yum. Need reservations, though!