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Jul 22, 2008 01:55 PM

South Yonkers

Hi - my wife and I are planning on moving to Southwest Yonkers soon, into the Hudson Park apartments. From digging around on Chow, and talking a brief walk around the neighborhood, the food options looked fairly bleak.

Aside from X20, are there any restaurants worthy of mention, any price range, any cuisine, within a 5-10 minute drive or walk from the Yonkers Metro North station, that might redeem this area of town from being the culinary wasteland that it is painted out to be ?

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  1. We had a good meal at Zuppa not long ago. If I lived in the area I'd eat there more often.

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    1. re: Shawn

      Zuppa is ok, really unremarkable. Given that it is just down the block from X2O and at the same price point, I cannot imagine ever going back. It wasn't in the same universe.

      1. re: gordoma

        No, Zuppa is not in the same universe as X2O. But the OP was asking about other decent restaurants in the area besides X2O since he is moving to Yonkers. You can't eat at X2O all the time, and sometimes you don't want to leave your neighborhood. We live across the county and I wouldn't make a special trip to Zuppa, but if it was in the neighborhood I'd go happily on occasion.

        1. re: Shawn

          Thanks Shawn, you caught the gist of this post, I was hoping for something we could regularly go to, a gem in the rough. We will be checking out both X20 and Zuppa, but imagine from the number of responses to this that we'll be making trips to the city fairly often.

    2. My husband and I live near there and you're right. The restaurant scene (for now) leaves much to be desired. However, we really like Zuppa and have heard good things about Belle Havana. Luckily, Dobbs Ferry is an easy drive and there are several good options there. Just east of the Yonkers border and worth noting in Tuckahoe are Spice Village and The Tap House.

      1. Oh, also should mention there's a very decent neighborhood Italian restaurant near St. John's Riverside hospital called Gianna's. Don't let the strip mall locale put you off. It's worth a visit.

        1. There are supposed to be some ethnic restaurants in South Yonkers. A mexican place I have heard of is Tacos el Poblano although when my parents were down there for July 4th fireworks they could not find it. They had what they told me was good thin crust pizza, but are not sure at which place they ate. Here is a link to a list of places,