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Western suburbs of Boston

I work about a week a month near Newton/Wellesley line and am always looking for good places to eat in Newton/Waltham/Wellesley, etc. Doesn't have to be fancy, just good. Often dine alone so places that are comfortable that way are good too.


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  1. Not sure what time of day you are interested in, but these are both good lunch places, though they serve dinner on some nights. Also, there is The Bistro Cafe at Nordstrom at the Natick Mall, as well as Sel de la Terre. I have not had lunch at SDLT, but have several times at Nordstrom. Their nicoise salad with salmon is a favorite of mine.

    Gourmet Decisions Cafe & Grill
    7 South Ave, Natick, MA 01760

    Cafe Mangal
    555 Washington St, Wellesley, MA 02482

    1. How about Buff's Pub in Newton Corner? Good food plus friendly waitstaff/bartenders and patrons.

      1. In Waltham, I like:

        Beijing Star for Nothern Chinese (their lamb soup is incredible)
        Bann Thai for Thai
        Elephant Walk - a bit more upscale
        In a Pickle for cheap, diner-type breakfast/lunch; or weekend brunch

        1. Thai Thai Kitchen in Newton center has decent thai food. It's more of a take out place but it has no frills seating too for a quick bite. I see alot of people dining there by themselves.

          1. Blue Ribbon for a pulled pork sandwich should not be too far - rest of the bbq there has taken a nose dive in recent months imo.

            I am digging Tacqueria Mexico and Little India buffet in Waltham recently for lunch.

            1. Hi,
              Thanks all for the recommendations. I have a new list to try next week. Any other recommendations are welcome. Btw, some I enjoy are Jamjuli for Thai on Walnut St. in Newton, O'Hara's pub for good food almost next door, Blue Ribbon as mentioned.
              Does anyone know if there is new place where Fig's was in Wellesley? Any good Greek recs?
              Thanks again

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                Farm Grill on Needham Street in Newton has good Greek food. It would be a good place to eat alone, or take out. It is a counter service sort of place.

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                  It's not new any more, but the Figs slot in Wellesley has been filled by Alta Strada, an Italian place featuring small plates (as well as regular big plates), owned by Michael Schlow of Radius and Via Matta in Boston. It's okay but not as good as it should be, like everything in Wellesley. The fresh ricotta small plate and the panna cotta dessert are the only things that stand out for me. Also in Wellesley, Cafe Mangal (corner of rts. 16 and 135) has good sandwiches and salads at lunch, but at dinner turns into a vastly overpriced and very pedestrian Middle Eastern/Mediterranean sit-down restaurant. There's also a newish place called the Cottage in Wellesley, on Linden St near the new Roche Bros., American food a la TGI Fridays, serviceable but nothing special. They have bar seating, good for lone diners.

                2. Kouzina is a great little Greek/Mediterranian place just on the Newton/Wellesley border near the Waban T-stop. Very comfortable to dine alone.

                  1649 Beacon Street
                  Waban, MA 02468
                  (617) 558-7677 .

                  1. Oishi is just off RT 9; Baker's Best-around the corner from O'hara's; and across the way from Baker's is Citrio-- it's newish and I haven't yet been but have heard good things. The Wok on RT 9 on the Cedar St. over pass is good for a quick fix of good "Americanized" Chinese.

                    1. Tutto Italiano in Wellesley Center has wonderful sandwiches. They are an Italian grocery/sandwich takeout place. Very fresh crusty baguettes and bread. I get their tomato/mozz/basil or tuna salad sandwiches as well as their Italian cold cut one.

                      1. Second Farm Grill and Kouzina. Another Greek place is sort of a store front in Wellesley Hills called Maugus. Good souvlaki (chicken or pork) Greek salad, baked lamb. Open for breakfast and lunch only in summer, Friday nights in fall and winter.
                        Yama in Wellesly Hills is pretty decent Japanese food. Is on the second floor across from Whole Foods. Vela, also in Wellesley Hills, has excellent Italian food. A bit upscale. Quiet white tablecloth place with a small outdoor patio. Jimmy's on Linden street (BYOB) is fairly popular- I believe they serve lunch and dinner. The Linden Store- also on Linden Street- makes excellent subs. And, of course, in the upper stratosphere is Blue Ginger- Ming Tsai's famous place. There is a new lounge there serving street food which I believe is casual and a good choice for dining alone.