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Naughty food! What is it?

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I want to end my July birthday month blowout by eating naughty food. you know, food you really wanna eat, but shoudn't cause the health sections says it's evil.

What would you consider naughty?

Me, I'm thinking of stuff like milkshakes, apple pie, onion rings, biscuits and gravy, nachos with or burritos with gooey toppings, cucpcakes, fried chicken, cinnamon rolls, heaping mounds of pasta, tres leches cake, anything from portos and such.

Where do you go and what do you have for naughty food fun?

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  1. You can always just go to the pinnacle of naughty and get the Heart-A-Tot at Big Wang's... a large basket of tater tots drowned in alfredo sauce and topped with bacon bits!!

    My naughty would be the eggs benedict and a short stack of pancakes at the Griddle. I'm feeling my belt tighten just thinking about it.

    1. Don't forget breakfast foods like waffles, pancakes and french toast, all loaded with fruit and whipped cream, and bacon!

      I've been hearing about these crazy milkshakes at Lucky Devils. They sound like a pie blended into a glass. And they're made with frozen custard, not just regular ol ice cream. Plus, on the weekend, you can go at like 2am just to be EXTRA naughty.

      1. Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles.

        Or a big meal at Ruth's Chris--start with a martini, BBQ shrimp as an appetizer, Ruth's Chopped Salad, then the big filet, potatoes au gratin, creamed spinach, and the sweet potato casserole, and of course an excellent bottle of red wine. Finish off the meal with their fabulous creme bruelle. Then have a food hangover that is so worth it.

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          I second Roscoe's. Popeye's chicken is pretty darn tasty too - I must admit.

          In n Out burger is a given.

          El Tepayac for mexican. Cactus Taqueria on Vine (north of Melrose) if you don't want to drive too far.

          The Pantry for a breakfast to fix your wine hangover.

          Creme Brulee French Toast at Julienne in San Marino.

        2. Red Velvet Cake at Susie Cakes

          1. And don't forget d.o.n.u.t.s! :P
            Like a strawberry filled donut from Donut Man in Glendora, or donuts from Grace ...

            and definitely milkshake. The Counter has some good ones. The best is still Grace :P
            oh and also ... a Durian smoothie from Simpang Asia (if you like durians that is), or their Avocado smoothie :)

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            1. tommy chili cheese fries. the end.

              1. Beard Papa OD. Naughty enough for two!

                1. Popcorn with lots and lots of real butter!

                  Although I haven't done this--dessert tasting at LAMILL.

                  1. Blackberry Cobbler at Cynthia's - definitely need a friend to devour this with, and now that Cynthia herself is gone, it's a much more enjoyable experience.

                    Glazed Old-fashioneds from K's Donut Emporium in Sherman Oaks

                    26 beach for french toast

                    Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll - yeah I know, I know

                    Koo Koo Roo macaroni and cheese and brownies

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                    1. More, peaople! More!

                      Whare is :

                      The biggest, gooeyest pile of nachos?

                      The best biscuits and fried chicken (no penut oil, so Honeys Kettle is OUT!)

                      The BIGGEST Milkshake in a place where I can also get APPLE PIE with crumbs on top?

                      Also, gimme more examples of your naughty, naughty food!

                      Any ethnic naughty foods?

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                      1. re: Diana

                        Does anyone in town fry in good ol' Lard or Suet (beef tallow) anymore???

                        1. re: Diana

                          When I want to throw caution to the wind, I'll usually end up at an Alfredo's (Alberto's?) with an order of Carne Asada fries, which comes with fries and carne asada (of course),guacamole, sour cream, onions, cilantro, and melted cheese.

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                            don't shoot me but the dutch apple pie at Costco and Ralph's market are both brown-sugary crumbiness!

                            1. re: Emme

                              My dear Emme, why would I shoot you?

                              Never tried ralph's, but Costco has amazing pies! A little big, though, and I prefer not to have leftovers tempting be back into sin the next day!

                              1. re: Diana

                                seems like such a crap recommendation, but those ralph's crumb apple pies have such a great cinnamony streusel, and NO NUTS :-D

                                plus ralph's offers two sizes, a smaller and larger, so you can minimize leftovers

                          2. Hamburger - The "Stinky Burger" - $22 with the Seared Foie Gras + $12 = $34

                            Milk Shake - It's not "just" the milkshake itself but the whole experience. So instead of some cheap roadside joint, I would go here:

                            Dessert - Stinky Toffee Pudding:

                            Champagne - How can you achieve true naughtiness without consuming some decadent adult beverage? I prefer Pink, or Rose, Champagne and a good selection (12 options) is:

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                            1. Hey gang, in terms of good naughty food, Pann's Vs Roscoe's? Which is best?

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                              1. re: Diana

                                Roscoes... it's less refined and they'll pour gravy on EVERYTHING...


                                1. re: Dommy

                                  Don't like to disagree w/ Dommy! but I'd give the edge to Pann's. They make several kinds of gravy, including a very good white sausage gravy. Roscoe's only makes brown gravy, and it's good, but not better than Pann's IMO.

                                  You can always order Pann's gravies on the side for a charge, and drown your food to your liking.

                                  1. re: Professor Salt

                                    Ah... I was reading the question ENTIRELY different... I thought she meant which one would be the 'naugtiest', you are absolutely right, in terms of better tasting and more gravy selection... it's Panns all the way!


                                    1. re: Dommy

                                      Gotcha. I saw "good naughty food" and put more emphasis on good. You can always hose everything with butter and syrup to naughty up all that good food.

                                        1. re: Professor Salt

                                          I like that and it explains what I like about Roscoe's waffles.
                                          They remind me of churros but made even more naughty by all that good butter and syrup.

                                      1. re: Professor Salt

                                        too bad I can't gt biscuits at Pann's after 1 PM. I want to go out for dinner. I dreamed of having biscuits and gravy at Pann's, maybe with something else yummy, then topping it off with apple pie a la mode topped with caramel (try it, it's amazing) and a whomping milkshake.

                                        But no dice. "We do not have biscuits after 1" They have every OTHER breakfast dish, but no biscuits!

                                        Screw that!

                                    2. re: Diana

                                      Pann's for fried chicken

                                      Roscoe's for waffles

                                      The Pacific Dinner in San Pedro for very good biscuits and gravy with the best chicken fried steak in LA. I think they have fried chicken also.

                                      Pacific Diner
                                      3821 S. Pacific Avenue
                                      San Pedro, CA 90731

                                    3. Folks, please help us keep the focus of this thread on finding great chow locally. Thanks!

                                      1. oh poo, no biscuits after 1 at panns, otherwise, it's perfect!

                                        1. I'm looking forward to the pork pump at Mei Long Village. I don't think that qualifies as healthy.

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                                          1. re: Bjartmarr

                                            The pork shank at Enrique's in Long Beach is pretty damn naughty, too, as long as we're comparing large pieces of pig!

                                          2. The pastrami sandwich with the works at Langer's is pretty naughty - in a good way of course.

                                            1. The Hat pastrami with an order of onion rings and an order of chili fries.

                                              1. Great thread! To me, eating dessert for dinner is naughty. I know you love Providence, so why not go there and get the dessert tasting menu for dinner? No savory food, just course after course of dessert...the ultimate naughty meal. :)

                                                1. This is a joyous thread. No negativity in evidence. I had a "naughty" celebration Saturday; comped Scotches at "that dive on Virgil" followed by some USDA Prime steak from Hows, grilled barely pink. Hate to think what more than one day of that would do to my aging body.

                                                  1. ~The double-patty/double bacon/double egg burger at Hawkins House o Burgers in Altadena
                                                    ~ The chicken fried steak and eggs at Eat at Joes in Redondo Beach
                                                    ~ Big Mama's Special at Roscoes.

                                                    1. It's getting harder to find now but seared foie gras. From where? From anywhere.
                                                      Mushroom ravioli from Orris-at least a double order.
                                                      Pork belly and the Shrimp with grits from Nook.
                                                      Green tea ice cream from Kiriko.
                                                      Salt ramen form Santouka (in the Mitsuwa on Centinela)
                                                      Echoing the first line, the foie gras burger from Josie.
                                                      Blue crab handrolls from either Zo, Irori or Echigo. (My SO always reminds me there is mayo in them thar rolls)
                                                      Peanut butter and chocolate cake from Jamaica's Cakes.
                                                      Slice of cheese pizza from Bravo.

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                                                      1. re: citizenx

                                                        My favorite Blue Crab rolls are from Kiriko... Hmmm... Kewpie... ;)


                                                      2. Here's my list of things that I love and that aren't part of my every day diet but that I wish could be and I could still maintain my current level of health:
                                                        nachos--Cabo Cantina, although the Baja Fresh ones are actually really good in a pinch
                                                        biscuits and gravy--Pann's, hands down. I know you'd rather have them for dinner, but I'd rather have excellent for breakfast than nasty later in the day if that's the choice.
                                                        burritos--I love Fernando's burrito (chile relleno stuffed and covered with melted orange cheese and then some of their diablo sauce, available upon request) at Gilbert's (and this one I do get pretty much weekly). also love the fried scallop burrito at Senor Fish as well as their seafood quesadilla.
                                                        cupcakes--my favortie hands down for taste and texture are Susie Cakes, although I think Auntie Em's are excellent too. Actually, every baked good I've tried from Susie Cakes has been great.
                                                        apple pie-- this one is so low brow that it's embarassing, but those caramel apple empanadas from Taco Bell are so damn good. I doubt they've ever even seen a real apple, but still.
                                                        also: sweet potato fries from FO's, Nook's mac and cheese, Musha's pork belly (although this is another one I have a lot), pastry basket from 3 Square, donuts from Primo's or Stan's, churros from anywhere.

                                                        1. fried chicken and a few of the naughty biscuits at honey's kettle. too bad the service there is atrocious.

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                                                          1. re: wilafur

                                                            and too bad they fry in peanut oil, creating death chicken for me.

                                                            1. re: Diana

                                                              oh yeah? that sucks...but know i know why it tastes so good!

                                                          2. Animal style fries at In N Out!

                                                            1. on saturdays, a chili cheeseburger at houston's (the only day they have chli) in century city....followed by a visit to clementine across the street. i have no self-control at clementine, and walking out of there with $10-15 of bakery stuff feels very naughty.

                                                              1. For nachos, I gotta go with an order of nachos with chorizo from El Rancho on Ventura (a couple blocks west of Kester).

                                                                1. Chocolate. You need chocolate to properly celebrate a birthday month blowout. Naughtiness is in getting many, many examples of the form. Take it from someone who knows... The best chocolate cake for my birthday week was the dark chocolate cupcake from the Sprinkles in Beverly Hills, interestingly enough. The others weren't nearly as good (read: chocolately), that includes the Parisien from Porto's and a chocolate raspberry cake slice from Susina, chocolate fudge cake from Pavillions, dark chocolate cupcake from Sprinkles in Newport Beach, brownie from Bristol Farms (gross) and I know I forgot a couple others. Chocolate fudge cake from Pavillions was my second favorite, though it was really, really sweet. I got some cakes from a Chinese bakery (Kiki's in Alhambra) but not chocolate. I love Kiki's, fluffy buns and decent sponge cakes. Cheap too.

                                                                  That disgusting burger in a bucket from the Bucket (or was it Oinkster?) sounds intriguing.

                                                                  I also got the biggest cup of gelato at Scoops and refilled it for $1.75. It was like a quart of ice cream. I ate it all myself. Disgusting.

                                                                  If you're going to go to Porto's just roll in there and order one of everything in sight. I did that and only spent like $13 for a bunch of mini cakes, some pastries and a potato ball. Get a coffee and get down to bidness.

                                                                  Happy Birthday!

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                                                                  1. re: choctastic

                                                                    Eating a pint of good quality ice cream (from Glaciers, or Dr. Bob's) straight out of the container while soaking in a hot bubble bath or spa.

                                                                    Or eating something that has the unholy trinity of meat, fat, and starch together in spades. Like eating steak with a totally loaded potato, corn dog made with spicy polish (at California Adventure).

                                                                  2. Definitely go to Milk! The brownie hot fudge sundae is amazing, especially if you get it with their coffee toffee ice cream instead of vanilla. Their milk shakes are also unbelievable and they have an insanely rich chocolate cookie that every chocolate lover should try. I haven't had any of their other baked goods, but they have a huge selection to choose from.
                                                                    I also agree with The Griddle Cafe. Their pumpkin pancakes and apple streusel french toast are the best and definitely naughty.

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                                                                    1. re: cocoamilo

                                                                      OK Good Rec! I should have gone there for Milkshakes on Saturday. Cafe 50's SUCKED! too liquidy, not thick enough, cheap ice cream!