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Jul 22, 2008 01:24 PM

Dim Sum in West Broward/ Ft Laud

I had a pleasant surprise on Sunday when I went to see The Dark Knight at the theater on Pine Island off Sunrise. Stopped in a little Chinese restaurant serving Dim Sum and had an amazing lunch. All the items were fresh, delicious and hot- also very reasonably priced. Anyone have any other recommendations for great Dim Sum?

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    1. YES! What restaurant has DIM SUM in west broward???

      1. I'm not sure if it is the same place, but Hong Kong City is once again serving dim sum. It's only limited hours, I think until 4pm most days. Call to check.

        5301 N State Rd 7
        Tamarac, FL 33319
        (954) 777-3832

        There have been other posts talking about this place.

        and the background story:

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          It is called Toa Toa
          4145 NW 88th Avenue in the Pine Plaza on Pine Island Rd. in Sunrise
          954 746 8833

          1. re: kmills9408

            Hubby and I found Hong Kong City closed down last time we drove by a few months ago. We were crushed! Tell me it's re-opened and you'll make my day!

            1. re: mrschef1

              there was a murder that and it shut down for awhile. rumor is it is back open. i think its the owner's son who is now running the ship.

              1. re: Raboi

                It was open when I drove by last weekend, but didn't have time to check it out, regrettably. Will do so soon!

                1. re: Rockin Rich

                  Thanks Chowfather- glad to see that Toa Toa has other fans. Was back again last week and they are 2 for 2!!!

          2. Hong Kong City BBQ has good tofu, , soups , black bean sauce, fish tanks with lobster, crab , geoduck. However if you order seafood tofu caserole or seafood crispy noodles they use that terrible (IMO) fake crab. I like the stuffed beancurd skin at H K City better than Toa Toa. I also like the beef Chow Fun better at HK City.,
            The wontons in the chinese wonton soup for 2 are much better (IMO) at ToaToa, smokey pork and shrimp mixture.
            The staff and service at both places is very friendly. Both are hard to find without the addresses.